Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday, Nov. 13

Okay I did a post before this one that updates you on the coupon links. Make sure to check these links every couple of weeks because they tend to add new items. The All You Magazine is now out for the month, the coupons are mostly repeats of what you already have BUT there are a few new ones in it that make it worth picking up.

Money Saving Tip #10:
Movies. We all love to see a good movie from sappy to happy, we can't seem to let fantasy alone. It gives us time to pretend we are/were someone else. But you know what, movies are EXPENSIVE. From the theater to home you can spend a ton of money on these things so how can me make them cheaper? If you like to physically go to the movies one way to go cheaper is always to go to a matinee or during the day. Also try to find a dollar theater in your area, the movies may be a couple of months behind but you can save lots of money depending on how many people you are taking. Regal Entertainment has a family film festival during the summer. For nine weeks you can take your kids to the movies for free!!!! Check out the link above to see what will be playing and where. Another way is to buy movies used or previously viewed, you can do this at your local Blockbuster, Food City, or movie store. You can also purchase previously viewed movies through or through Netflix. If you are like my family and there are movies you just want to rent but not buy then you also have several options:
  • the library loans movies for free
  • Redbox (use link to get one free rental) - this is a red box that is set up around town and you can rent 1 movie for $1 for 1 night
  • Netflix (free trial offer) is another option you can get any where from 1 movie to 4 movies at a time for one set price (pricing based on number of movies chosen) sent to your home, shipping back to them is free and very quick. It is my understanding that the trial offer is very easy to cancel.
  • Blockbuster, link to the free trial offer. They also do as Netflix, the only advantage is that you can return and exchange a movie at the store, cutting out one day of wait time.

Walmart deals that I found yesterday. I saved my classic $20 but I wanted to share the really good stuff:

Bagelfuls $1.98 - $1 c = .98 (got 3 boxes)

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate x2 $1 - $1/2 c = .50 a box

Scott Bath Tissue $2.68 - $1 c= $1.68

Halloween crocs $1

Halloween sprinkles .25

Green Giant Steamfresh corn $1 - $1 c = free

Green Giant steamfresh broccoli $1 - $1 c = free

Honey Bunches of oats cereal, Just Bunches $2.88 - $2 c = .88

Freegrabber list:

Benefiber sample

Free Chevy Team Decal - Has a $5 off of $20 printable at Walgreens good for Friday, Nov 14 and Sat. Nov 15.


Kmart has costumes on sale, great prices on a few items.


Here is the toothpaste coupon on a different site, this one WILL work.

Daisy Sour Cream

Can print 2 coupons for .50 off.

Kellogg's Promotions

Several of their products have promotions, for instance collect 8 Panda bear tokens (or 1 token and $6.99) and get a free Kung Fu Panda throw, collect 12 Indiana Jones tokens (or 1 token and $11.99) and get Indiana Jones Raiders DVD free. $1 coupons also available on Kelloggs cereal.

Goodhousekeeping Magazine - Simply Asian coupon on website

Not sure if you can get the same offers on line as are in the book but I wanted to let you know what is in the book. I got the magazine for free for 12 months from a ticket that printed out at Kroger. Here are some of the items in the book:

$1.50 off of Dove lotion

Pedialyte -sign up for money saving offers

$5 off of $10 at Build a Bear Workshop

Rebate $3 back on the Get Smart DVD

.55 cent on Two cans of pie filling by Comstock or Wilderness (two coupons in the magazine)

.55 cent on Marzetti Salad dressing (two coupons in the magazine)

Glade bogo coupon

Folgers - $1 off their gourmet coffee

Always - sample

I will have to look more later. Don't forget to look at the post in front of this one for the updated coupon list. Make sure to let me know if you have trouble with any of the links. Have a wonderful day.


  1. As someone who has done both the Blockbuster and Netflix deals, I just have to say that Blockbuster is considerably more expensive than Netflix. Also, Netflix has numerous movie collection sites - our closest is Knoxville (even closer for most of you). I usually put the movie in our Johnson City mailbox in the morning and receive a "we received your movie" e-mail the same afternoon. I don't know how it happens so quickly, but it does! Netflix is also good about sending the next movie in my list out the next morning and I usually receive that one the following day. With Blockbuster, yes you can use the in-store swap, but that costs even more than their regular plan (read the fine print). And, unless you're willing to take a drive just to go to the movie store, rather than wait until you have other errands to run, you really won't be watching any more movies than with Netflix.

    Just my two cents!

  2. I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE RedBox! At least once a week, usually mondays, there is a free redbox code online, you insert that code and can rent a movie for free, you just need to use a debit/credit card, in case you havent returned it by 9 the next night!