Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Freebies/coupons/codes

Money Saving Tip #6:
Halloween costume swap. A friend mentioned this to me around Halloween time about an idea for next year. Get all your friends together or all you acquaintances through girls scouts, boy scouts or any other organization you are affiliated with that has children and drag out those old costumes and swap them with others.

Juicy Juice
printable coupon, free sippy cup if you have never registered before

Victoria Secret
25% off of any item code - 25ITEM

Minute Maid
Frozen snack coupon.

$5 back
Buy 2 minute maid juices (I don't think the enhanced that is on sale at Kroger will work unless it is a 64 oz size) plus Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, Walle, or the Chronicles of Narnia, on DVD and get $5 back by rebate.

Scotch Brite sponge
$1 off printable, makes free during the Kroger sale this week.

Freegrabber list:
Pedigree Dog Bites sample
Underjams sample
Redplum, first 2,000 to register get a free reusable tote bag

Walgreens photo
Free 8x10 use code FREEPIC, expires 11/08.

40% off of one item, printable

DS games, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl for $19.99 a piece. Free shipping on a $25 order.

Okay that is it for now. Can check back later for any additions.

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  1. I did the juicy juice not long ago. They were really fast in shipping the sippy. This doesn't have the traditional stopper though, so beware if your kid is a pourer (like Makes a good diaper bag addition though!