Thursday, October 16, 2008

Freebies/ Samples

Now that we have talked about saving money with coupons and hints to use at stores lets talk about things we can get for free. Companies are constantly giving out samples and/or coupons trying to get us hooked on their products - and let me tell ya IT WORKS!

There are numerous freebie sites out there. All one has to do is google the word freebie and a multitude of sites pop up. Here I have listed the few really good ones that I like to use. - Very user friendly. Has an excellent looking list of freebies. Real good about not promoting freebies that require you to participate in 2 to 3 offers to receive the free sample. - under freebie section on the right hand side of the page. Shows a picture of the item, gives a description of how to request the free sample, provides the needed link, sometimes offers feedback on the process as to whether it worked or not.

Hidden coupon - - under freebie forum. No pictures on the first link. In general offers a plethora of feedback on a freebie request. If a site might be fraudulent or a spam site you can generally find out about it here first. These people really do their homework.
Believe it or not Wal-Mart offers free samples. Generally the above three sites will list these samples. It is probably a good idea to check here every couple of weeks or so to see if they have added a new sample.
Kotex is CONSTANTLY offering some kind of new sample.
Here is a direct link to the Protector and Gamble promotions web page. They will occasionally have a freebie on this site.

In general if you check the first three sites you will find about 90% of samples that are currently being offered. If you want more just google "freebie" or "free sample". Make sure to never PAY for a freebie/sample, or ummm it is no longer free.

Tomorrow's post will be "Where to find good coupon codes".