Monday, October 20, 2008

Coupon Codes/Rebate companies

Another great way to save money is by using coupon codes for online purchases. There are lots of websites that offer these codes. Here are just a few:

Search for the store of interest and a whole slew of codes will appear before your very eyes.

Can search by store as well. Has many different coupon codes available for a variety of stores and items.

Search by store. Individuals post scenarios, clearance items and links, and the best way to use the codes to get the best deal.

Many different forums listed on this one site. Search by store or by item that you are looking to purchase. Sends you to the forum with the information.

Has coupon codes.

Another way to increase your purchasing power when ordering online is by using a rebate company. I have only used two so those are all that I will discuss.

You can make purchases through upromise and save money for your children's college education. It also allows other family members to make purchases to help your children save for college.

This is my personal favorite. When you make a purchase through ebates you will get a percentage of your purchase back. Every three months you will receive your earnings (there is a payment schedule listed at their website) through pay pal or by check as long as they exceed $5.01. Using the coupon codes above makes this so easy!

3. Hidden freebie -
Colgate coupons, Walgreens has Colgate for $1.99 this week uses these coupons to make it look like this:
- $1.50 c
= .49 oop

Enjoy your day.