Thursday, May 27, 2010

Best Trick of the Week

Now you have to have been getting the paper AND you have to have ordered the coupon booklet that contained the Febreeze coupon in order to pursue this deal. Here are the details:

Target store:
~1 Swiffer starter starter kit (green) = $8.04
~1 Swiffer wet refill kit (I picked this because I personally needed it) = $4.34

- $2 Target store coupon on any swiffer starter kit (newspaper)
- $2 manufacturer coupon on any swiffer starter kit (newspaper)
- Buy a swiffer starter kit get a free refill (from Dawn/Cascade/Febreeze booklet)
= $8.04 + $4.34 - $2c -$2c - $4.34c = $4.04 for BOTH items!

This was cheaper than the cost of just the refill! Plus I have a great Christmas gift or house warming gift for someone.

Enjoy your week!

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