Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's play catch up

First of all for the young mother that I met in the store last week and told about the diaper coupons they are on which is listed at the side of this blog. Get a $3 coupon on Huggies diapers. You should be able to print 2. Use at CVS this week. Works like this (with a CVS card)
Huggies x2 = $17.98
- (2) $3 ic = $11.98
get back $5 ECB, so like paying $6.98 for two jumbo packs of diapers!

Moving on: (I am only mentioning my favorites but I hope it helps)
Save a Lot - click on printable offers; there are coupons for Save a Lot products only as well as coupons for Healthy Choice items (they have refreshed the coupons so you can print them again) and Orville Redenbacher 100 calorie popcorn, $1/2 ic. If you are headed to Food City this popcorn is on sale for $1.66 a box for the regular so hopefully the 100 calorie is included in the sale. Food City also has 10 lbs of potatoes for $2.50, and 9 lives cat food for $3.50 - .75 c = $2.75

Here are some Dollar General goodies:
~Sun Chips $2.50
~Hefty trash bags $5 - .55 c (expires today guys) = $4.45
~Libby canned vegs .40
~Betty crocker frosting $1 - .50 c
~Oreo cookies $2!

CVS has:
~Baked Lays for $2.50
~Goldfish for $1.50
~Pop Tarts 3/$5 - $1/3 c

Kroger, if you don't have a Kroger take the ad to Wal-Mart and have them price match the item:
~Lays chips $1.98
~Coffee Folgers BIG container $5.49 (use .25 c at Kroger and get it for $4.99!)
~I Can't Believe It's Not Butter .98 use those .50 coupons and get for FREE!!!!
~Coffeemate creamer $2.49 use .50 c get it for $1.49
~Trident Layers gum $1 - .75c = .25

Some Healthy Choice meals now have coupons inside them so be watching for them here is a list of the ones that have coupons:
Cafe Steamers
Complete Meals
All Natural Entrees
Here is a link for another Healthy choice coupon

Here is what I liked the best this week:
Toy and game coupons - these coupons can be used in several places this week. Here are the match ups that I found, remember you can take the ad to Wal-Mart and price match any of these things that I am mentioning:
~Operation game for $8.99 at Toysrus - $5c = $3.99
~Battleship game for $8.99 at Toysrus - $4c = $4.99
~1st for me Baby Alive $14.99 at Kmart - $5c = $9.99
~Hippos, Gator Golf, and Elefun are $12.99 at Toysrus, use the $5c or $4c to make $8.99 and $7.99
~Bop It $14.00 at Target - $5c = $9

Alvin and the Chipmunks is on sale at Target for $6.99 use $3 coupon from those McDonald's toys (you should have saved them) and get it for $3.99! The second movie is on sale for $16.99 at Target as well. Can't seem to find a coupon

Well my lunch time is up. I hope this helps some of you to save money this week. Enjoy!

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