Friday, March 19, 2010

Kroger Sharing

I know there are a few people who are new to couponing that have been stopping by the blog so I thought this might be a good time to doing some sharing how how much you can save when you shop with coupons.

In the picture above you will see a total of 43 items. A total of 24 of them was on the buy 8 and get $4 off sale the rest was just things that I needed or had a coupon for. For instance, my family loves Kroger O.J. which was $3.99 today but you get what you like to get, sometimes.

Now I am going to share some of the good prices on the items that I purchased then I will tell you how much I paid for all 43 items together. First of all if you are new or if you just haven't gotten around to doing this and you plan on shopping at Kroger you need to go to and register your card. As you spend at Kroger coupons will be sent to your home based on what you continue to purchase, so this is something that you really want to get started. Also you need to go to and register your Kroger card for extra savings. Okay now to some of the better deals:

~International delight creamer x2 BIG bottles they were $1.99 (after the buy 8 sale) so $3.98 - $1 c = $2.98 for two
~Kraft cheese slices .99 (after 8 sale) I had $1 Kroger coupons and $1/2 Kroger coupons; the most I paid for the cheese was .50 a pack
~powerade .79, I had a coupon off of 3, can't remember the amount
~Ken's Dressing $1.49 - $1/2 coupon (so I bought 2...:)
~Betty Crocker icing $1.50 - .50 ic that was doubled, then .50 from Shortcuts made it FREE
~Betty Crocker cookie mix $2 - .40 ic, doubled, plus .40 on Shortcuts made it .80

Again look at the picture to see all that I was able to purchase and my total, drum roll please: $53.24!!!!

I also purchased gas and Kroger, and just to let you know when you purchase $100 worth of groceries at Kroger you will receive .10 a gallon off of your gas, well I don't know how or why but today I received .30 off a gallon!!! That made my gas $2.27 a gallon!

Please of my purchases Kroger gave me some coupons for another time they are:
~$1 off of 5 Lean Cuisine meals
~$1 c. Smart Balance butter (this is on sale for $1.49 this week)
~$10 off of $30 of Office Max ink (Office Max takes old ink cartridges, each one you give them will allow you to receive $3 in Maxperks rewards, which will be emailed to you once a month and can be used as a coupon in the store, head over to to sign up for this)
~20% off of Payless shoes
~.50/2 Smart Balance butter
~$2/2 Nestle coffeemate creamers

While this post is mainly about Kroger I wanted to share that I went to Target as well today and they have clearance all over the store. Many aisles had clearance items available.
~1 GB zip drive for $4.48
~Engerizer batteries 4 pack AAAs, $3.04 - $1 Target c. - $1 manu. c. = $1.04
~Duracell batteries 16 pack AAAs $6.98 - $1 Target c. on packages = $5.98
~Trident gum clearanced down
~Kashi cereal $3.49 a box use Target coupon for buy 2 get one free and then Kashi printable coupon $1.50 on one box $5.48 for three boxes or $1.83 a piece
~Buy 4 kelloggs cereals for 4/$10 and get a $5 GC
~$2 Act II popcorn buy 2 get a free 2 liter pop, coupon for the free 2 liter is on the boxes, I had a $1/2 coupon on the popcorn, paid $3 for the two 8 pk. popcorn plus the 2 liter drink
~kids bathroom cups by Solo on clearance for $1.68 - .75 c = .93

Make sure to walk around and see what they have.

I hope this helps some of you that are just learning to save money in this way.



  1. Hey, just for a heads up, this is why on the gas =) It was great seeing you while shopping!

  2. I was surprised to see that they changed the gas rewards the other day - it was a nice surprise! I guess you can earn up to 1.00 off of a gallon. I am so glad we are in a test area, and I hope they continue it!!

    Great Kroger trip!

    A couple other deals - there are some Scotch Brite Scrub sponges that are included in the sale - 10/10.00 or .50 each after the mega discount. There is a coupon here: for 1.00/2, so free after coupon. It prints at the very top left corner of the page, so you can flip and print, and get at least 4 coupons on the same paper.

    There is a 1.00/1 lint roller coupon in the inserts recently - and the minis are on sale for 1.50 - so free after sale and coupon. They are nice to pop in a purse, glove compartment, or diaper bag. Also - they are funny gag gifts or stocking stuffers (is it ever to early to think of such things??)

    Also, the freebies help you get to the .10/gallon quicker!

    Oh, if you do the nature bounty rewards thing and can print the 5.00 off coupons, the vitamins are bogo. I found Vitamin C for 5.25 each regular price, but they ring up 2.63. Some stores will adjust the coupon down - so free Vitamin-c, others will allow "overage" - which means 2.37 toward your other groceries!

    Also, while not included in the mega sale, there are boxes of Prevacid 14 count for 10.99, 42 count for 19.99. There is a loadable coupon through the Kroger site for 6.00/1 14 count box, 10.00/1 42 count box and manufacturer's coupons for 6.00 and 10.00 respectively. Makes for free tummy meds when combining the eCoupons and manufacturer coupons if you need them - and if not, surely you know someone who does and would normally pay full retail!