Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great coupons from Southern Savers

Disney movie coupons!!! - includes Princess in the Frog, Toy Story, and Toy Story II. Expires March 30th so go quick! (this came from Southernsavers.com)

Cellfire - this is another way to pre-load coupons onto your Kroger card, they send you text messages when new coupons are available. Go here and sign up, remember to select Kroger as the card you are adding the coupons to. This will be in addition to the Shortcuts coupons AND the manufacturer coupons so you could possibly have three different amounts removed in addition to the coupon doubling!

New Home Made Simple Booklet - this is a booklet that will be mailed to your home and it is awesome! It included coupons for Dawn, Febreeze, Cascade, and many many more, plus most of these coupons will be for double the amount you will normally find in the regular paper.

SoBe Life Water BOGO coupon - you should be able to print this twice. Combine with this Target coupon, okay the Lifewater coupon seems to be gone but if you printed it out last week then you can combine the two coupons. At Target this week when you buy 10 Sobe waters for $1 a piece you will get a $5 gift card. With 2 BOGO coupons and just one .50 Target coupon (which is what I just happen to have *sigh*) you can get 10 bottles for $7.50 then get a $5 GC which will make it $2.50 for 10 bottles. Of course this would be better with more coupons so if you have more than one computer hooked to a printer then print out more of the BOGO coupons and you can get it for free!

All this came from Southern Savers, which tells you that you might want to save them to favorites. They are awesome at what they do and we appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.

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