Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some of this weeks Sales

First of all thanks to all the other bloggers that have been out there putting up what they think is a good deal. I am sure there will be some duplication but I am going to share my thoughts anyway.

Heads Up: On some packets of Sucrets you will find a $4 rebate for the new Ice Age 3 dvd.

Dollar General:
~Libby Vegs .50 - $1/2ic (mentioned in an earlier post)
~Clorox $1.66 - .50/2c
~Swanson broth .75 - .40/3c
~Kraft dressing $1.75
~Reynold's Wrap 45 to 75 sq. ft. $3
~Folger Country coffee 34.5 oz size $5.50
~Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.25

~4 GB Memory Card $9.99
~8 GB Memory Card $19.99

~Halls .96 - .35 c (really recommend getting this a Kroger if you are in the area)
~Nyquil $4.94 - $1.50 c or $1 c (cheaper at Walgreens this week)
~Campbell's soup .58 - .40/4c (cheaper at Walgreens this week)
~Carnation milk .78 - .50/2c (cheaper at Kroger w/ current sale)
~Green Giant canned vegs .65 (or Del Monte at Kroger for .50)
~Duncan Hines cake mix .78
~Stove Top stuffing or Betty Crocker potatoes .78, coupons .40 on potatoes

~Wii $199.99
~Wii games Buy 2 get 1 free
~Wii fit with Biggest Loser game PLUS the Wii fit plus game PLUS the Biggest Loser Family cookbook $137
~Kellogg's cereal Buy 3 get 1 free, prices is $2.66 use $1 on Special K cereal or $1.50/2 ic from
~Glade Lasting Impressions/Air Wick $5.99, Glade $3c, Air Wick $4 c
~Nov. 3rd GI Joe dvd for $15.99
~Dixie plates/coffee cups 3/$7 - .50 c (earlier post)

Tanger outlet mall:
~coupons for 20% off

A.C. Moore:
~coupons for 40% off

~coupons for 40% off

Food City:
~buy 3 General Mills cereal get gallon of milk for .99, c for $1/2 or $1/3, plus individual cereal coupons such as .55 on Cinnamon Toast crunch from, or $1 on Cheerios
~Mayfield Ice Cream $2.50
~Value Time bread .78
~10 lb. Idaho potatoes $2.99
~Bananas .39 a lb
~Hunts Ketchup $1 - $1/2c
~Smithfield bacon $2.99 - .55 ic

~coupon for $10 GC for new/transferred prescript
~General Mills cereals $2, use $1/2c or $1/3c or others
~$5 DVDs
~Biggest Loser Wii game $19.99!!!!
~8.5 digital frame $59.99
~B1G50% off all Hunting apparel
~Board games for $3.99 including Memory, Cootie, Hi Hi Cherry-O, Chutes and Ladders, and Candy Land

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