Sunday, November 15, 2009

Deals for Nov. 15th

Kroger deals - I am going to be lazy and just direct you to Alicia's Blog since she has done such a good job on the deals for the week, THANKS! Just to point it out, Kroger has some Fisher Price baby toys for $3 this week.

Parade Magazine has a few coupons:
~Nivea Bodywash $1
~Nancy's Frozen appetizer or dessert $1.50 c
~Oral-B Pulsonic rechargeable toothbrush $10 c

Parents magazine coupons -
~$10 off coupon for Recordable Storybook "The Night Before Christmas"
~$5 Leapfrog game...or go here to print out

Vocalpoint members:
~Pantene Shampoo coupons, one for $2 an then more for $1

Sales ads:
~Folgers Country Roast coffee 34.5 oz $5.69 - $1c = $4.69, best deal for this product this week!
~Fisher Price toys: poppity pop vehicle assist $4.99, Musical Mini mobile $4.99, or chatter phone pull a long $4.99

Family Dollar:
~Lysol products $2, coupons for .40c, $1c, or $1/2 c

~Kleenex .99, .50/3c
~Pepsi $2.50 (4/$10)
~Candy buy $15 get $5 ECB
~Hellemans (.60c or $1 Kroger c.)/Lipton tea .50c = $3; Skippy peanut butter (c?)/Ragu ($1/2c, .60/2c) = $1.66 a $10 off these items and get $3 ECB
~Glade products buy $12 get $4 ECB
~Duracell $2.99
~Buy a green tag for your green bag bring it in and on every 4th visit get $1 ECB
~Medicine buy $20 get $10 ECB
~General Mills cereal 2/$6, get $2 ECB, $1/2 c or $1/3c, Honey Nut Cheerios $1c
~Campbell's/Swanson BOGO, starts at $1.49, coupons for .25/2c, .40/2c, .25/4c, .25/3c, .40/4c

~ocean spray cranberry sauce .79
~French fried onions .99, coupon at
~Swanson/Campbell's .50
~Scott Tissue $6.99
~Cheezit/club crackers .50, too small a box to use available coupons
~Spend $20 get $5 RR on certain toys, some for $9.99, some B2G1 free at $6.99 a piece
~Mazola Extra Virgin Olive Oil $3.29 - $.50c
~Welch's Sparkling juice $2.50 - $2 ic = .50 (link to print coupon on a previous post)
~Gingerbread house kit $9.99
~Air Wick 50% off
~ziploc bags $1.99 - $1/2c
~30 prints for $3 coupon in ad or use online code 3DOLLARS
~scotch tape .39 (limit 3)
~9 pk. gift bags, ribbons, bows .33
~BOGO on gift tags
~Soleil razor $5.99 - $2 c = $3.99 get $3 RR
~Aussie $2.99 - $1c = $1.99, get $2 RR
~Stove Top stuffing .99
~lipton $1.99 - .50 c = $1.49

~Star Trek on DVD comes out on Tues. sale for $15.99

~Philly Cream Cheese $1.18 - $1/3 c
~Breyers $3 - .75c

Bass Pro:
~Turkey fryer for $39.99

Best Buy:
~Jillian 2009 Wii game $29.99
~Wii active $49.99

Food City:
~Del Monte canned vegs .50, best deal this week on this product
~Duncan Hines cake mix .88
~Blue bonnet margarine .59
~Food Club turkey .69 lb
~Sara Lee Pie $2.99
~10 lb. bag of potatoes $2.99
~Stuff mix $1
~Country roast Folgers coffee $5.99 - $1 c
~Lipton Tea $1.66, .50 c, best deal for the week at $1.16 for the product
~c. for free OJ with purchase of 5 specific items
~c. for $1.50 for Kraft cheese or Philly cream cheese, QUESTION: can you combine the Food City coupon and the regular coupon to double the savings??? If you try let us know.
~Marshmallow creme .99

~24 pk American Fare water $2.99
~Folgers coffee $5.99 - $1c

~Stove top stuffing .79 best deal for the week
~Betty Crocker Au Gratin Pototoes .79 - .40 ic best deal for the week on this product
~Heinz gravy .79
~Del Monte vegs .49 best deal for the week
~Ginger bread house $8
~Kraft Cheese shredded $1.66 - $1/2c
~Cambells Mushroom soup .49 - .25/3c
~Reynold's foil wrap $2.50 - .75c, parchment paper $2.50 - $1c

For all of you guys that stuck it out to the end of the post here is a surprise, OUR LOCAL WALMART WILL PRICE MATCH MILK!!! Don't pay $2.83 for Great Value Skim Milk when you get use the Kroger paper and get it for $2.38. If they tell you at the register that they won't do it then get them to call a manager. If you need a name let me know and I will give you the name of the manager that had them do it for me. I hope this helps you guys out this week. I tried to point out the best deals at different stores for the week. If I run upon any other stuff I will gladly share.

I hope that you all are getting ready for Black Friday. I will post ads as I see them.

Good luck this week.

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