Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CVS and Walgreens Black Friday

Okay, this most assuredly is going to bite me in the butt, but I am going to tell you guys this secret anyway, just in case some of you don't know it yet, CVS and WALGREENS start their BLACK FRIDAY on THURSDAY!!!! Their sales normally last the whole weekend starting with Thursday and ending on Saturday or Sunday, BUT trust me in this if you want this stuff you better be there on the day of the sale or you won't get least not at my local store.

To get a jump on CVS's ad go to They have ad scans so you can look at the paper. They also have matched all the coupons with the sales. Just in case they didn't mention the $1 coupon for the 360 Colgate toothbrush just ahead over to and click on special offers to pick it up. CVS does run a three day sale that will start on Thursday NOT Friday.

To see the Walgreens ad click here . I have already put you on the ad scan so you can see the pictures and visualize it better. Just to make sure you don't miss it let me mention that some of the free items are on a THREE day sale, some items are on sale ONLY on THURSDAY, and some of them are on sale for a few hours on make sure of the day that your item is going to be available and on sale. Here are a few of the coupons that I found to match some of the good items:

~Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth deodorant is $3.99 - $1c, get $3.99 RR
~Infusium 23 Hair Care $4.99 - $2 c (I think from All You) get $4.99 RR
~Vaseline Intensive Care lotion $1.99 - $1c = .99

These are not all the items with RR but these are the ones that I had coupons for. Make sure to look at the ad and match up what you have.

Remember if you are one of those people that have multiple cards to still save some for the rest of us. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!

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