Monday, October 5, 2009

Coupons via Slickdealers

Sharing Slickdeal finds...gotta love those people!

Pop Secret and Emerald nut coupons

Hasbro toy coupons: here is a list,
$5 Mr Potato Head Silly Suitcase
$2 Mr Potato Head toy
$5 Playskool Busy Ball Popper
$3 Playskool Gloworm
$5 Playskool Step Start Walk'nRide
$5 Mr Potato Head Spud Buds
$10 Musical Sit N Spin
$5 Playskool Activity Ball
$5 DinoRoars Hatchlings
$10 Dance Cam$5 Tumble N Twirl
$5 Swing N Score Baseball
$10 DinoRoars Stompers

Healthy choice coupons - $2 on one meal, and $1 on Healthy Choice Mixer. The meals are on sale this week at Kroger and I believe that this coupon will make a Money Maker for you, at least the $2 coupon will..:) THANKS SLICKDEALS!

Smartsource - has $1/2 Tony's pizzas, as well as $1 on Scott Tissue (I mentioned this as being on sale somewhere this week :) ), and also many other great coupons, like $1 on a Colgate toothbrush which you can use at Walgreens or CVS this week...boy I am getting forgetful! Also .50 on Green Giant Steamers on sale at Kroger this week.

Pillsbury Crescent rolls $1 coupon on 1

Pillsbury Grand's Frozen Biscuits - $1 coupon on 1

Pillsbury Grand canned biscuit - said I already printed...should be $1 on 1

Okay that is all I could find that was interesting on Slickdeals in the coupon section...for the moment. They are adding stuff all the time. Those people are totally awesome. I recommend taking time every couple of days to check them out. Enjoy what I found!

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