Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coupon Catchup

Engerizer - $2 coupon for hearing aid batteries, plus a free sample

Avon - free shipping on $10 order with code RFSC21

Filtrete - get a $3 rebate on a Filtrete filter for your home

Dove - $1.50 on Dove lotion, and $1 on Dove Body Wash; try this link if you have trouble with the first one. Also be sure to try the Dove Beauty Matchmaker game, you could win a free sample.

Eat Better America Coupons - $1/2 Total cereal; .50/2 Green Giant boxed vegs; .50 on Green Giant bagged vegs; .50 on Green Giant fresh steamers; $1/3 Progresso soups; .50 on Progresso broth; $1/2 Bisquik baking mix; $1 on Granola Nut Clusters; $1/8 Yoplait yogurts; $1 yoplait delights multi pack; $1 Fiber One Multi pack; and $1/2 32 oz. Yoplait containers of yogurt

Glade and Lysol - 3 coupons totally $10

Kashi - join the community to get great coupons sent to your email inbox.

Whitecloud - tissue coupons, $2 off of 24 rolls, or $1 on green tissue

Shortcuts - don't forget to add the new coupons to your Kroger card so you can double your savings:
~$20 off of an i-Wireless phone that is $29.99 or higher
~.50/2 Green Giant boxed vegs
~.50 on Progresso broth
~.50 on Green Giant bagged Vegs (does this list look familiar...:) )
~$1 on Fiber One yogurt multi pack
~$1/2 Pillsbury Italian breads
~.75 Kroger cereal bars
~$1 Engerizer batteries
~.50 Fiber One Muffin mix

Crest offers - multiple Crest and Oral B coupons, also a Downy coupon and a sample of Prilosec...all this comes by mail and you will have to register, this is a good thing, trust me. :)

Purina One - $1 Target coupon...if the $3 coupon is still good (I used my at Kroger) then you can purchase at Target and get $4 off of a bag...that has to be close to free, right?

Target coupons - click "get coupons" and 3 coupons come up, "Free", 10% off of Levi Jeans, and $1/2 M&M Halloween is actually a BOGO coupon for a Fancy Feast cat appetizer.

Target grocery coupons - direct link

Home Solution News coupons - make sure to click each tab to get to all the different coupons

French's coupons - like mustard, worcestershire sauce, etc.

Every Day Eating coupons, could for diabetics

Well that gets my email caught up and anything else I could think of that I normally check. I feel depressed. I did a thorough cleaning of the coupon bag today and lets just say I threw ALOT away. Oh, well, it will be replenished soon I am sure.

Hope this helps some of you guys. Remember to be comparing the sale ads to the coupons. Make sure to be added coupons to your Kroger card. And make sure to enjoy the life that God has blessed you with, for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

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