Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blue Bunny Offer, Office Max, Chuck E. Cheese

Blue Bunny offer - use the link and click on "Click here for Free offer", then print out the form. Purchase Aspen or Sedona by Blue Bunny Sept. 5th - Sept. 7th, mailable in form, receipt, and UPC and get all your money back! (Okay so Jennifer beat me to posting it BUT I just had to share because it was in my inbox!)

Victoria Secret - have 25% on dresses until tomorrow with code 25DRESSES

Office Max - in store printable coupon for $15 off of $150 on furniture...some of their furniture is on sale for 50% off this weekend

Chuck E. Cheese - latest coupons, expires Oct. 5th 2009

Okay that is it for lunch break.

I have a question to pose, does anyone have a child with sensory issues where the child claims to be "cold" when they use a pencil? Is my child faking or do you think this could be legit?

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  1. Your blog is really a nice source to get discount on our favorite stores. Last week I too got a computer table from Office Max and saved few bucks.