Monday, August 10, 2009

Sale info

Okay I am not doing a full blown sales post this week, quite frankly I am just NOT in the mood. I will point out some Walgreens and CVS stuff you might want to look into.

For CVS, you will want to go to and get the coupon for $1 off of Sharpie permanent accent markers, this is highlighters. These are .99 at CVS and Walgreens this week so you will get them for free. I don't recommend trying the coupon at Walgreens, unless you are just really good friends with the cashier because it is .01 over it might give them a problem. You will have no problems at CVS IF you can find them at the store! My local store didn't even have them yesterday.

For Walgreens:
Here is what I did:
~bandaids x2 at $2.99 a piece used (2) .50 c = $4.98 + tax oop,
received $4 RR
rolled over to use on this order:
~Listerine $3
~Reach toothbrush 2 pack $3
~Reach dental floss $3
get these 3 for $9, use $5 c = $4, get $6 RR back...
added a Starbucks Frappacino $1.99 - $1 ic = .99 for a $4.98 total use $4 RR, paid around $1 oop
I rolled the $6 RR over into some other things.
Walgreens does have BIC pens for .50, buy 2 and use the $1 ic or coupon from newspaper to get 2 packs for free.

I misplaced my receipts so I forgetting some of this stuff I am sure but this will give you a general idea. Free pens and free highlighters this week seems pretty good to me!

Don't forget to be getting ready for the Kroger sale for next week. Looks like it is going to be a really good one.

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