Monday, August 3, 2009

Good Morning!

Looking to buy a bird? Peach faced love bird, cage and food included for $40.00 if interested call 423-566-1090.

Victoria Secret - this ends tomorrow get additional 40% off of Miracle Bra beachwear with code 40MIRACLE, or if you like the Beach Sexy Collection use BSEXY25 to get 25% additional off, also ending tomorrow.

Chadwicks - has up to 80% off of some of their items

Sharpie for .01 - exclusive Office Max coupons to get sharpies for .01, limit of 3, expires 8/08/09

Avon - items starting at .99, use code FSWER to get free shipping on any order!

Expo Click -$1 coupon, you have to enter and then click "coupon" at the top. This is a pdf file so there doesn't seem to be a print limit. (Vicky's Forums)

Create an account with Leapfrog then go here Leapfrog free book, to register for a free book (Vicky's Forums)

Betty Crocker - coupons, if you have printed these at least one time you should be getting emails for more coupons in your in box.

Movie coupon - I found this at Jennifer's Blog. You have to select Target as your retailer and then you will get a $2 coupons for some select DVDs at Target, or a $3 coupon on some select Blu-ray discs. Remember to select Target. Jennifer, thanks for sharing your find.

Don't forget to keep checking the oldies but goodies: - link to the side or

The paper was FILLED to capacity with awesome coupons this week. Kellogg's coupons galore! Unilever product coupons, P&G coupons, if you missed the paper yesterday try to find some place that still has some, you won't regret purchasing it.

On as well as other places it is being said that when you make a purchase in August you will get a coupon for a free product from CVS. Be looking for it. And share with us what you get!

Okay I will be honest there are other things out there roaming around but I am completely out of time! I am going to try to do a day of school tomorrow and I am not exactly ready. Plus I have laundry flooding my laundry room AND it is almost time to feed the children. Then there is a little matter that I NEED to go to the post office and run some other errands, soooo as much as I hate it I have to run. I hope that today's post has helped some of you. Enjoy your day.

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  1. I went to CVS yesterday and the "free" item was a coupon for free CVS aspirin. Have a great day!