Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Email finds

Talbots - last day for free shipping

Christian Book - midweek markdowns, plus Saxon 35% off products on sale during the month of July

P&G coupons - coming in the Sunday paper July 5th. There will also be a $1 coupon for Herbal Essences.

GE appliances - rebates on certain appliances

Chuck E. Cheese - current coupons

Wendy's - $1 printable coupon

Murphy USA - save $50 on gas, or $3 on a gallon, read for details

Eggo coupon - $1 coupon, plus extra coupons, this is through Redplum - coupons added -link on the side, coupons added

Shortcuts - added some new coupons to this program. You add these coupons to your Kroger card to double your savings. They have added some salad coupons.

Avon - 66% sale and free shipping on a $10 order

You should notice that the pool coupon for Friday is directly under this post. I am sure that you don't want to print out the whole blog so here is what you can do. There are two ways to print this coupon,
(1) click on the title of that post, that will bring up just the coupon post, then go through your normal print procedure, such as File, Print, and then okay and you should just get the one post/coupon.
(2) OR Hold down the left button on the mouse and highlight the coupon on the blog, then go through your printing procedure, mine would be File, Print, then when my print box shows up I would click on print "selection", then okay. That way it will only print what I highlighted and not the whole blog.

I hope this helps. Remember the pool coupon is good ONLY between 5 pm and 8 pm this Friday, July 3rd. You will get the 3 free samples mentioned on the coupon. Lets show our support for this new locally owned and operated business!

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