Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from Break

Sorry for the absence but it twas truly nice to have the weekend off! I spent most of my mornings with my nose in a book, and most of my afternoons at a girl scout Twilight camp. Can't say that I helped much but I was there if they needed me. Anyway, all in all it was a pleasurable weekend but I am glad to be free once again!

Unfortunately due to my extended absence I missed a couple of goodies in email but that is okay, more money to spend on the other things!

All You exclusive printable coupons - giving credit where credit is due, Jennifer found this, many thanks to you for sharing. :) This site is hosted through so to be honest I am not sure that there is any difference from the coupons you can get from the link on the side of the blog. If one of you investigates it thoroughly and finds out that I am wrong, please let me know.

Mission Toritilla - $1 printable coupon, you will have to register/sign in to print the coupon

Chadwicks - clearance items, to receive 10% off the first item, 15% off you second item, AND 25% off your third item use code CH101525, expires 7/26/09

Carefree - free sample and coupon

Betty Crocker - coupons, be sure to check these out periodically and print as needed

Avon - 60% sale PLUS free shipping with code FSWER

Christian Book - homeschool products on sale, including 35% off of Saxon products AND 27% off of Explode the Code products expiring July 31, 2009

Victoria Secret - use code 10BEACH to get swim separates for $10 a piece, expires today

Free pastry - coupon good for a free pastry at Starbucks, tomorrow between opening and 10:30 a.m. with purchase of beverage

Talbots - have reduced their clearance by 25% MORE

I am going to endeavor to explain this because I just think that it is sooo cool. I will probably do a rotten job but I will try anyway. If you have ever had to type in a "verification" word in order to do a comment or make an order you might have wondered "WHY am I doing this". Well believe it or not it has a purpose. I saw this on PBS one night. A couple of men (can't remember names, sorry) were trying to put all the books in the world on computer so they can be read, when they ran across a problem, the computer couldn't read some of those old timey words. So one of the men set to thinking if there was a way to get those words into the computer without someone just sitting down and typing them in. He had already created the program were you type in the verification word...this keeps computers from making comments or orders or "spam" without a human. Sooooo he decided to use what he had already created for extra good. Every time you type in a verification word to comment on blogger you are actually entering a word from a book that a computer can not read, therefore making it possible to be read! In no time at all those words that originally couldn't be recognized and therefore made it impossible to scan those old timey books will be entered into computers world round! Now tell me that isn't amazing! I hope that I explained this so you guys could understand it. I just found it so fascinating that I wanted to share.

Enjoy your day. I don't think I will do the sales this week. Pretty much if you look at last weeks Kroger post then you will see what is on sale this week. CVS and Walgreens have some decent sales on school supplies. CVS has a couple of free with ECBs school sales with the last day being today. So off I go, to stick my nose in a book once again. By the way, the reading IS for pleasure. Thanks to a friend I have discovered a wonderful new author who has a multitude of books so it is going to take me a long time to read all them, I LOVE IT! I really dread when school starts back, oh, well such is the life of a homeschool mom.

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  1. Yes the All You coupons are different! They are availble only there!