Thursday, June 18, 2009


Victoria Secret - FREE SHIPPING today only on any order with code FREESHIP1...remember to use ebates to get 2% back on this order. Here are some more codes to go with this order. You can use upto 3 codes were VS order.

Angels card holder:

code PASS0609 - June - Free Bare Ultimate Panty (Item #185-565) (Black, White, or Buff) (via slickdeals)

FA812793 - $10 off Any Bra (exp. 6/30/09)

SP915469 - $10 off Any Bra

SP915457 - $10 off Any Bra (exp. 8/31/09) S

SP916717 - $10 off Any Bra (exp. 11/30/09)

SP918301 - $10 off Any Purchase

SP916477 - $10 off Any Purchase (actually June Birthday code?) (exp. 6/30/09)

SP915949 - Free Naturally Victoria's Secret Lotion

SP915961 - Free Naturally Victoria's Secret Lotion

Any kind of payment, here are the codes to use:

NATURALLY - Buy 2 Naturally Victoria's Secret items, Get 1 Free (exp. 8/15/09)

SP917557 - Buy 2 Naturally Victoria's Secret items, Get 1 Free

VSGARDEN - 7/$35 Secret Garden Body Collection, Get 1 Free [] (exp. 6/21/09)

All codes via Slickdeals...and we really appreciate it! :)

Look at these codes closely and you will see that if you have an Angel's card (Victoria Secret's personal credit can apply on line, not sure if you can use immediately or not), then you can get select anything worth right at a $10, use code PASS0609 and get a free panty, PLUS use the $10 off code to make it nothing and THEN use the free shipping code and get a free panty your item AND pay no shipping. OR you can buy an item for $3.99, use the free panty code, AND use the free lotion code AND the free ship code and you just got 2 pairs of panties and a lotion for a little for $4! Just mix and match to suit your needs.

Talbots - 50% off sale and FREE SHIPPING until June 30th.

Kraft - here are those Kraft coupons if you missed them earlier.

Bath and Body Works - current sale items, including $4 items and BOGO for Father's Day

That would be it for today. Remember to keep checking and to catch the new coupons that they add. Also keep looking at the link at the side of the blog to get those new coupons. If you haven't ordered from ebates yet remember that the first time you order you get $5 in your account and if you get friends to sign up under you then you will get another $5. You still have order items to get your pay every three months but if you are ordering "anything" online it doesn't take long for the money to pile up. This Victoria Secret sale is a great way to get started.

I know this post is a mess with all the unwanted spacing I had a REALLY hard time getting this started this morning. I tried to look for clip art and got a virus warning! Oh, well that is what happens when you are working with computers. Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy.

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