Friday, June 12, 2009

Shopping and Finds

I know a picture is worth a thousand words but after moving (20) 2x4's three times, chasing kids through Target (while they said "can I have this, can I have this"), pulling the kids through Kroger, coming out of the store to a black sky and shoving the kids in the van to try to avoid the torrential downpour that was to come, plus trying to chase down my reusable frozen bag that blew out of the vehicle while trying to load it, I didn't FEEL like taking a picture of my items when I got home! :) I can't imagine why, can you?

Anyway here are some of the best items that I found while shopping:
~ a (2) pk. of Kashi cereal for $3.84 - $1.50/2 ic, the cereal came with a coupon for a free Silk soy milk product, which I peeled off and picked up at Kroger
~Leapfrog Didj game $14.98 - $5 ic (earlier blog post) = $9.98
~Kellogg's Extra Raisin Bran Cereal $2.50 - $1c = $1.50
~Target brand sunscreen $5.24 - $1.50 Target coupon (from the mail) = $3.74
~Head and Shoulder shampoo BIG bottle with 2 free trial sizes clearanced to $2.24 a piece bought (2) used $1/2c
~Zip Loc steamer bags $2.29 - $1 Target c. (Target website) - .40c = .89
~16 ct. light bulbs clearanced to $3.48 (I personally LIKE the regular light bulbs because the idea of calling hazmat every time we break one of those new fangled light bulbs just doesn't appeal to me...)

Kroger finds, I am not mentioning everything. I did start with a total of $108.xx and ended with $64.71 as my total oop. Still think that I could have done better without my children there picking up things that I had no intention of purchasing...I obviously didn't have a coupon for some of their longings.
~Scott 8 pk. paper towels $4.99 - $2c (Kroger Catalina) = $2.99
~Dasani Water $1.39 - .50c - .50dc = .39 (used Kroger mailable coupon)
~Lysol Twin pk. toilet bowl cleaner $2.49 - .50c - .50dc = $1.49 (the single sizes were gone or I could have gotten one for .29)
~24 pk. Kroger water $2.48 (x3)
~Lean pkts $1.69 - .50c- .50dc = .69 (x2)
~Coffeemate cream $1.99 - .50c - .50dc = .99
~Multiple Kraft cheese products $1.67 - $1c and .50c making them .67 a piece
~Kroger 18 ct eggs $1.39

That is about it. There are other things that I just bought because I needed ever do that? Anyway, I hope this gives you an idea how you can save money with coupons and by going to certain stores that have items on sale. Also the more you go to the store the more coupons they will send to you. Now to the other stuff:

Victoria Secret - take an additional 30% off one item expires on Sunday, with code 30SAV

Christian Book - Fabulous Friday deals

Betty Crocker - Over $12 in coupons - link on the side, $1 on Listerine coupon added - $1 on baked Lay's coupon

Borders - coupon for a free coffee expires 6/18/09

Free Stickers - use to tell when your sunscreen is no longer working

Kroger - 7 free samples

Tote - Land's End Tote for $10!!!, should be free shipping

Carefree liner - free sample and a free case.

Dentek - mailable coupons for this product

VO5 - coupon for $2 off of 8 VO5 products

Coupons - awesome coupons, print in Spanish

Seventh Generations - $2 printable coupon, some Walmart stores have these products for $2 making it free!

Edge Shave Gel - $1 printable coupon

EZ Seed Scott product - $5 printable coupon

Okay I have to run. Got some things to do today, like run to the Shop 4 Less and get a paper so I can price match at Walmart!

~Vicky's Forums

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