Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting Caught up...

A little behind this morning, sorry about that. But I am sure that we can make up for it! :)

Big Lots: (link to sales ad)
~Kleenex 80 ct. $1, use $.50/3 c.
~Tee shirts $1

Dollar General:
~Olay Bodywash $2.50 - $1 c = $1.50
~Pantene shampoo 6.8 oz. $2 - $1c = $1

~Buy 2 PS2, PSP, or PS3 games and get one free
~Burt's Bees Shampoo $7.99 - $1c = $6.99
~Coppertone sunscreen $7.99 - $1 ic = $6.99 (I hope you printed out the $3 ic when it was available because it has now changed to a $1 ic)

Food City:
~Milk $1.99/ whole milk $2.19
~Doritos $1.98
~Tomato/chicken noodle soup .50, use $1/2ic on the tomato soup and get 2 cans for FREE!
~Betty Crocker Tuna/Chicken helper .99, use .75/3c
~Electrasol tabs BOGO, use (2) .25 c. (go here to get a .50 ic, there should be no problems printing 2 of these coupons)
~Kelloggs Special K cereal $2.50 - $1 c = $1.50 (when you purchase 5 of these products you can send in something special from the back of the box and get a free DVD)
~Pepsi, buy (3) 12 pks. get a free diet pepsi 12pk.

CVS: you will want to check out this week for sure. Since they are solely focused on one store they find things that I will always miss. Just to give you a heads up there is a Pampers deal, $8.99 get $5 ECB back, this is advertised on and not in the paper. Sometimes the ECBs are not printing, go to and print out the page they tell you to print so you will have what you need to get these ECBs. Most of the coupon match ups come from iheartcvs, I didn't list them all. They have TONS of coupons listed for Dove products so go check them out.
~Arizona tea BOGO
~Bayer contour meter $14.99 - $30c = free, get $5 ECB (I TOTALLY missed this one but saw it on iheartcvs.)
~Kelloggs BOGO, use $1 c (or $1.50/2 at, use zip code 37714 if you can't see the coupon)
~Coke buy 4/$13 get $3 ECB
~BOGO 6x8 photo book for $12.99
~Engerizer buy $15 get $5ECB, price $5.99, $1 ic
~Dawn dish liquid 2/$2 get $1 ECB on 2, use (2) .25c
~Kleenex $2.39 BOGO sale, use $.50/3c
~Banana Boat sunscreen buy (2) get $7 ECB, use $2 ic (x2)
~Swiffer/Febreeze products buy $10 get $5 ECB
~Dove products buy $20 get $10 ECB, multiple c. in the paper this week
~Coppertone, purchase use $3ic or $1ic get 12 pk. of water
~Gillette fusion razor $7.99 - $4 c = $3.99 get $4 ECB

Kroger, is HUGE this week.
~.88 sale on their brand products, here is a list of the items: Kroger frozen vegs, kroger canned fruit, kroger penne or rotini pasta, Kroger 3 minute microwave pizza, kroger big roll every day paper towels, nice 'n soft facial tissues, Kroger french bread pizza, kroger microwave popcorn 3ct., Kroger frozen whipped topping Kroger nice 'n strong foam cups, Kroger ketchup, everyday Living cleaners, Kroger spicy brown mustard or relish, Kroger aluminum foil, Kroger premium chunk Chicken breast (canned 5 oz), Kroger hydrogen peroxide, Kroger Ibuprofen, Wrigley's Gum, Tastee Choice Salad shrimp 4oz, and Gwaltney Turkey great dogs
~Milk $1.99/whole milk $2.19
~18 ct eggs $1.39
~International Delight coffee creamer $2.50
~Can't Believe It's Not Butter $1.69 (are there coupons???)
~Jello $1.99 - .60 = $1.39
~Sunny D $1.25 - .25c - .25dc = .75
~Kraft Cheese $1.66 - .50c - .50dc = .66 (I got these coupons from the store, everyone should have the $1/2 coupons for these products still making this a good deal)
~Buy (4) Pepsi 2-liters get 2 free making them 6/$5
~Kroger 24 pk water $2.48!!!!
~Fritos $1.68
~Oscar Meyer lunch meat BOGO sale
~Kellogg's Cereal $2.49 - $1c or $1.50/2c
~Yoplait yogurt .50 - .40/6c
~Daisy sour cream $1.66 - .50c - .50dc = .66
~Lysol products 50% off, tons of coupons for .50 and $1/2 in the paper this week
~Hot/Lean pockets $1.66 - .50c - .50dc = .66
~Minute maid fruit drinks .99
~Tombstone big pizzas or Digorno's pizzas for one 4/$10, or $2.50 a piece, remember the rebate on your electric bill when you purchase Tombstone pizzas
~Country Crock butter $1.99 - .25c - .25dc = $1.49
~Knorr side $1, use .60/2 coupon

~Nature's Made Vitamins BOGO sale use (2) c. if there are any out there (after you purchase go here to collect points on your vitamins to get coupons for more products!)
~Dove sale, plus buy 8 get $10 RR, buy 6 items get $6 RR, buy 4 get $2 RR, use those coupons from the paper and from iheartcvs
~coupons in the ad that you can combine with other manufacturer coupons, here is a list:
- KY products - $5 ad c
-Tylenol allergy, sinus or cold $2 ad c
-Imodium/Pepcid/Lactaid $4 ad c
-Motrin/Tylenol $2 ad c, combine with $1 c
-Neosporin $2 ad c, combine with .50 c
-Zyrtec $4 ad c, combine with other c.
-Sudafed PE/Benadryl $2 ad c., combine with other coupons
-Children's Tylenol $2 ad c
-Carefree/Stayfree $3 ad c., combine $1 c
-Listerine $2 ad c., combine with .50c
-Neutrogena sun care products $2 ad c, combine with $2 c
-Senerity $5 ad c
~Ensure $6.99, coupon from paper for $3 or $2?
~Ad coupon for free cd with film roll processing
~Ad coupon for BOGO on 5x7 or 8x10
~Ad coupon for Reynolds wrap 20 sq. ft. .89
~Palmolive .99 - .25c = .74

OKAY *big sigh*...that is the store sale now I have to run through my email finds:
Marzetti - sign up to receive coupon offers, I just received one by email for .50

Victoria Secret - currently having a swim sale, use 30SWIM to get an additional 30% off, the miracle bra is also on sale at 45% off until Wednesday you can get an additional 30% off with code 30MIRACLE; use ebates to make this order and get 2% back

Christian Book - awesome sales at their "Buck Store"

Betty Crocker - new list of coupons, sorry no time to type all these out so just go check out the link, thanks!

Avon - 60% off and FREE SHIPPING on any order

Clariol, there was $6 worth of coupons in this Sunday's paper so look for them.

Save a lot - Banana's .33 a pound!!!! (3 lbs. for $1)

Hostess Donettes - $1 printable coupon

Barnes and Noble - 10% printable coupon, plus online code for 10%

NOW, I think I am caught up. I apologize for this being so long. Hope you enjoy the post. See you tomorrow.

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