Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blackout Tuesday

Just to let everyone know, if you didn't stop by yesterday then you missed some "stuff". You will need to scroll down the WHOLE page and then go to older posts to get to the goodies from yesterday.

Today I am running a little bit behind because of a power outage. It was really nice too. :) I got to sleep in and still do all the things that I need to do just a little behind schedule. Still have VBS going on so I don't have ALOT of time but we will see what we can accomplish this morning! I am still expecting a few of you to drop by at Lakeview this week starting at 5:30...mainly Angel...hmmm...and Kim K......where are you guys? :)

Here is what I got:
Coupons.com - (link at the side), they have added a coupon for $5 off of $25 at Rite-Aid, also $2 on an Axe product, coupons for Ocean Spray products, as well as others so go lookin'

Office Max - $40 off of a $200 furniture purchase, printable coupon

Juicy Juice - $1 printable coupon

Shop 4 Less - THEY TAKE COUPONS!!!
~Hy-Top liquid bleach $1
~Cucumbers .33
Smart shopper items (remember you have to have one or more filled cards OR you can take to Walmart and they will price match the item for you)
~Tide $4.94
~Crest Original toothpaste .94
~Tampax pearl tampons $1.94 - coupon ?
~Aunt Jemima pancake mix .94
~Aunt Jemima pancake syrup $1.74
~Ocean Spray Cranberry juice .94 (use coupon from coupons.com to the side)
~Purex Laundry Detergent $2.14 - .35 c = $1.79
~Folgers BIG container of coffee $4.94 - .25c= $4.69
~cottenelle bathroom tissue 12 rolls $4.94 - $1c = $3.94
~12 rolls of Scott bathroom tissue $5.94
~General Mills cereal $1.44 - $1/2 c = $1.88 for 2 boxes or .94 a box!
~Country Time Lemonade or Kool aid mixes $1.44, use $1.50/2 ic for Lemonade (from coupons.com at the side) OR $1/2 ic for the Kool Aid, make Lemonade $1.38 or .69 a piece, and the Kool Aid $1.88 or .94 a piece
~24 pk. Nestle water $2.94 (use these to get those UPCs to mail in and get coupons for free water!)
RECOMMENDATION: For those that live near me and are going to Kroger every week, get OFF that interstate and run down and pick up this paper! It is well worth going to get it and taking it to Walmart to get these great sale items.

Crest - $1 printable coupon, I don't think it will help on the Shop 4 Less sale because it is a different KIND of toothpaste but still a good coupon. Also $7 coupon for Crest Whitestrips

Purex - here is a coupon for those of you that haven't already printed it. Go up to send a coupon to a friend, put in someone to send it to and it will let you print one as well. This should work on the purex sale at Shop 4 Less.

Great Value Fruit and Grain bars - free sample

White Castle - coupon for one free sandwich (is this a restaurant?)

Aveeno - free hair care sample

Hormel - coupons

Lysol - $11 worth of printable coupons

Okay I hate to but I HAVE to go. I have so much to do today. People often ask me why I "try" to get up between 4:30 am and 5:00 am, and this is why! I have no time to get all my stuff done if I get up at 7:30! Have a wonderful God Blessed Day. Good luck with all your shopping. If you get a really good deal drop a comment to let use know about it. I will even post it on the blog so others can share in your find.


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