Monday, May 18, 2009

Running behind

I must apologize to all you ladies that have come by the blog looking for new information only to realize that I had yet to add anything. Well I am FINALLY getting around to doing a post. I have had so many coupons this week from the coupons/, to the All You magazine coupons, plus at Kraft magazine that came that had coupons, a Target coupon booklet, my mother-in-laws coupons, and then the Sunday paper! That doesn't include the coupons that I will be getting from my coupon buddy. I had to take this morning just to get my coupons figured out so that I COULD talk about them. Anyway I think I am finally ready to do an overview of what "I" found. If I miss something that you thought was really great don't be afraid to leave a comment and let me know.

Don't forget to purchase All You from Walmart OR order to receive at home at You will get 2 free issues when you order.

Parade magazine from the Sunday paper had several coupons in it so DON'T THROW IT AWAY!

~$10 GC coupons for a new or transferred prescriptions in the Kmart and Sears paper, CVS will honor these coupons.
~Lays or Doritoes for $2 (CVS is cheaper)

~Off spray $4.49 - $1c = $3.49
~15% off of all Kettlebells by GoFit (we are Kettlebell crazy in this family!)
~Duracell 24 pk AA batteries $10 - .75c = $9.25
~Mall Cop movie $16.99 - $3c = $13.99
~Knorr rice or Rice a Roni $1 (c. for Knorr rice .75/2 or .60/2)
~Kraft Mayo 18 oz. $1.99 - $1c = .99
~2.5 lb. bag of Marklet blend chicken for $6.49
~Bertolli frozen meal $6, buy 3 get a $5 GC, use c. for $1.25 or click here for a $1.50 ic

Kroger: Lots of great deals this week with or without coupons!
~Colgate toothpaste $1
~Lunchables $1 buy 2 use $1/2ic = $1 for 2 or .50 a piece
~dial handsoap $1 - .35c - .35dc = .30
~quaker rice cake snacks $1
~Eggs $1
~green giant vegs $1 a box
~cool whip $1 buy 2 use $1/2ic = $1 for 2 or .50 a piece
~carrots 12 oz bag .99
~Milk gallon size still $1.99 or $2.19 for whole
~Tyson skinless/boneless chicken $1.99 lb
~coke 4/$10, you buy 3 get 1 free, equal $2.50 per pk.
~lays/Frito lay products $1.99 (CVS still cheaper...)
~Oscar Meyer wieners buy 4 get one free makes $1 a pk. use $1/2c (x2) to get 5 pk. for $3
~Solo cups and plates $2.50 - $1 c = $1.50
~smart balance butter $2 - $1/2ic = 2 for $3 (here is the coupon)
~Healthy choice $1.88 buy 2 use $1/2 c in the All You magazine, $1.28 a piece
~fast fixing chicken nuggets $4.99 - $1c = $3.99
~Crab meat is BOGO use (2) $1 ic from

~Buy 25 digital prints get 10 free with code TENFREE
~Off fan $8.99 - $2 c = $6.99, get $3 RR
~Edge/Skinmate shave gel $1.99 - .75 c = $1.24, get $1 RR back
~Carefree pantiliners .99 with ad coupon - $1c = free
~Buy $10 worth of bandaids or Neosporin get $4 RR, bandaids are $2.50 use .50 or $1 c, Neosporin is $5 use .50 or $1c
Best deal with this would be: x4 Bandaids = $10 - (4) $1c = $6, get $4 RR back
~Reynolds foil .89 with in store ad (no coupons will work they caught on to the 20 sq. ft. and excluded it from the coupons as well as the 25 sq. ft)
~Bayer $2.49, get $2.49 RR back (if they ever do a 10 ct here is a $1.50 coupon)

CVS: As always check out for extra info.
~Covergirl lip color $7 - $2c = $5, get $3 ECB
~Lays 2/ $3.49 or $1.75 a piece, limit of 4 bags
~Dry idea deodorant buy 2 for $5 use (2) $2 ic = $1 for 2 and get $2 ECB back Moneymaker!
~Folgers 33.9oz coffee $6.99 - .25c = $6.74
~Kashi Go Lean cereal $2.50, buy 2 use $1.50/2ic
~Dial 3 pk soap $1.99 - .35 c= $1.64, get $1 ECB back
~centrum vitamins Buy one get on 50% off, use $3 or $1 c

Food City:
~Kraft singles $1.48, buy 2 and use $1 on 2 coupon getting each for .98!
~Mayfield Ice Cream $2.88
~Lays $1.98 (CVS still cheaper!)
~Kraft mayo 32 oz. $1.98 use $1 c = .98
~Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce $1.50 - $1c = .50
~Solo products $2.50 - $1c = $1.50
~Glad trash bags $5.99 - $1c = $4.99
~Kraft BBQ sauce $1 - $1 = FREE!!! This is just in case Walmart's sale of .98 is over.
~A1 Steak Sauce $2.99 - $2 c = .99
Here is the link for coupons that match items in the store. Also one coupon for Food City batteries.

$5 off of a $15 Walgreens photo order for Fathers , code on the site is GIFT4POP

Blair - spend $25 get a gift card for $5 off of a future purchase - don't forget to look here this week for any new coupons that might have been added. - check the link at the side to find more new coupons, added a TGI Friday snack coupon, plus lots of the Kraft coupons are still available. - again you need to be checking these weekly to get the new coupons

French's coupons - if you didn't get enough from the paper then you can try here to find more great coupons for mustard, Worcestershire sauces, and others.

Hopefully this has us caught up on the sales ads for the week. I will try to include more coupons and deals for stores as we go through the rest of the week. Friday was completely shot when I got up at 4:30 read my Bible, worked out, and went to Kroger at 7 am. I didn't participate in the weekend secret sale, did they have one? If there was one then I got there before they started it!

I hope this helps this week. Enjoy! Now to see what others have found...:)

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