Sunday, May 24, 2009

Really quick in Between Church Services Look

IGA - This is expiring today...our paper is WEIRD, we don't get the ad for the store until Thursday so by the time you get the paper the ad is almost up. If you happen to come here this afternoon and then run to the store then this is for you.
~Kraft BBQ sauce .88 use the .75 c. instead of the $1 one and get it for .13
~Cool Whip .88, c. for $1/2
~Strawberries $1.50
~Bar S. Hot Dogs .69, $1/2 ic posted on the blog May 14th

Now we are to this next weeks sales. Keep in mind I am sure that I have missed stuff because I am in a hurry but maybe this will get you started. Remember there are no coupons in the paper this week because of the Holiday so this is a good week to go to Walmart and get your All You magazine for June. It is already out. If I quote a coupon from All You today it is coming from this issue.

CVS: There are some items that are only on Sunday and Monday, you can look at for a completely listing IF you didn't get the sales ad. This is what I found that was interesting.
~Portable CD/DVD player $49.99
~Pepsi buy 3 get one free or 4/$11
~Bandaids $2.99 - $1c = $1.99 get $2 ECB back
~Colgate .88
~Playtex $3.99 - $1c = $2.99 get $3 ECB back
~Goldfish $1.50
~Colgate Total $2.99 - $1c = $1.99, get $2 ECB back
~Speed Stick pro deodorant $3.99, get $3.99 ECB

~Kellogg's fruit loops or Rice Krispies cereal $1.99 - $1ic = .99
~Kashi cereal or bars $2.88, $1.50/2 ic for the cereal and $1/2 ic for the Kashi bars
~buy 5 Kellogg's snacks for $2.33 a piece and get a $5 GC

Radio Shack - 2 day sale
~Sanyo GPS $99

Kroger: Still alot of the same $1 deals as last week, you can check out last Monday's post if you need a review. Here are a few extras and some of the oldie but goodies:
~Milk $1.99 skim, $2.19 Whole
~Bread .78
~Doritos $1.98
~Big K 2 liters .50
~Kraft BBQ sauce $1 - $1 ic = free
~Weber Grilling spices $1 - .50c - .50 dc = free
~Huggies Wipes $2.49 - .50 c - .50dc = $1.49 (coupon in All You)
~California Pizza $4.99 - $2 ic = $2.99 (if you missed the $2 printables then you have a $1c)
~Kroger Cheese shredded $1.50; slices $1.66
~Gunnoes Sausage BOGO

~24 pk. water $2.99
~Kleenes BOGO at $2.19, buy 6 boxes use (2) .50/3c = $5.57 for 6 boxes
~Doritos $3.99 BOGO or $2 a piece
~Chicken on the Sea Tuna .59 (in ad c.)
~David Sunflower seeds $1 - $1 ic = free (ic posted on Blog on Tuesday, May 19th...use the Blog archive to find the coupon) These are also a $1 at Walmart at this very moment.
~Reach toothpaste and toothbrush $5 - $1.50/2c = $3.50, get $3 RR
~Buy 25 digital prints get 15 free with code DEAL15
~BOGO 5x7 or 8x10 enlargement with in ad coupon
~50% off of processing 35mm film
~25% off of photo gifts for dad with code DAD25

Had to go to the pool store this week and I always love going there because Charles and Lisa are such wonderful people. I directed Lisa to the blog and I hope that you are coming and enjoying what you are finding. Lisa, this is for you and all the others who LOVE coffeemate creamer, the new All You magazine has coupon for .50 on coffeemate creamer. You can use this at Kroger and have it double and the $1.99 creamer will be .99 OR you can use it at Walmart and the $1.78 creamer will be $1.28, whatever you prefer. I wish all of you luck in your shopping endeavors this week. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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