Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finds I missed...

Here are some that I found and some that Kim W. pointed out to me. Thanks!

~Cutter Spray $4.49 - $2c (from All You) = $2.49

~Scotch Brite sponge $1, buy 2 and use .75/2c (not sure if Nail Saver is involved on the sale but if so here is a $1 coupon on 3 for that product)
~Country time Lemonade and Koolaid canisters $1, use $1/2 c from coupons.com at the side for the Koolaid
~buy 4 get 1 pk. of Oscar Meyer wieners for free- I mentioned the $1/2c that we printed from coupons.com but Kim K. pointed out to me the $1 off of one pk. that can be found in the All You magazine, Thanks! Use (2) of the $1/2c and (1) of the $1c and you will get 5 pk. for $2!!!!
~Miracle Whip $2.49 -$1c = $1.49

Triscuit $2 - $1ic = $1
Mini Wheat/Raisin Bran cereal $2 - $1ic = $1

Remember if you can't make it to Kroger that you CAN PRICE MATCH ALL THE $1 ITEMS AT WALMART!!! So if you live local and Walmart is the only place you go then you can still get in on these great deals and use your coupons. Most of the coupons that have been quoted this week wouldn't be doubled at Kroger anyway. The only thing you won't be able to do is the BOGO type of sales, they won't honor those.

Just a heads up, in time past we heard about a coupon machine that is suppose to be in the front of the CVS store. You supposedly could go up to the machine with your card and print out coupons just for your use, well our CVS finally got one! Thank you Kim W. for passing this along. The machine should be between the first and second aisle. Go give this a try and remember you can use those CVS coupons with manufacturer coupons to double those savings at the store.

Thanks to Gayle for letting me know that the Smartsource link was messed up. I did fix that earlier. Again thanks for reading and for clicking the links on the site.

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