Monday, May 11, 2009

$50 in Kraft coupons!

$50 in Kraft coupons!!! - Thanks Jennifer for sharing! These coupons are limited so make sure to go to the site quickly. These coupons are also printable SO YOU GET THEM NOW! If you haven't registered with Kraft you will need to get the coupons. Your Kraft First Taste account will work.

Here are some of the sale ad finds that I liked:
~Clorox Bleach 82 - 96 oz. $1.66 use the .50/2 c and it is $1.41 a piece

Kroger: The store has been having specials on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, maybe Sunday can't remember (correct me if you know the correct days). This past week they had Dixie Sugar for .99! I bought 3 bags and was so excited by the .99 that I forget I had coupons and could have gotten them for .39! Anyway, live and learn.
~Oscar Meyer Bologna .99 (use coupon from Kraft above) $1/2, so would be .98 for 2
~Kroger fries/hash browns .99
~Milk $1.99 for skim and 1%; $2.19 for whole
~Lays Chips $1.99
~Carolina Pride products BOGO use $1.50/2
~Quilted Northern tissue paper 4 double roll $1.99 (sorry c. won't work here)
~Pepsi buy 4 get one free making it $12/5 of $2.50 a pack
~Kroger BBQ sauce .59
~Electrol dishwasher detergent $2.99 - $2.50c = .49!
~International Delight Coffee creamer 32 oz bottle $2.50 - $1ic = $1.50
~Windex $1.99 - .40c - .40 dc = $1.19
~Shout spray $1.99, can use .75c or .55c
~Kashi cereal bars $2.50 get 2 and use the $1/2 c would make $2 a piece
Buy Kraft Macaroni and Cheese between 5/8 and 5/31, buy 4 get $1 Catlina, buy 5 get $1.50 Catlina, buy 6 or more and get $2 Catlina to use on your next shopping order.

~Lean Cuisine $2
~Tostitos chips/dips and pepsi for $3 by 5 get a 5 GC use $1c on chip and dip
~goldfish $1.66 (some packages have $1/2 c)

~Schick quattro razor $8.99 - $4c = $4.99 get $4 ECB
~Bayer Meter $14.99 - up to $30 c = free get $5 ECB, MONEY MAKER!
Check at for extra deals

Walgreens: (link via slickdeals)
~Colgate $2.99 - $1c = $1.99 get $2 RR
~50% coupon off of photo enlargement pack
~Reach floss and toothbrush .99 a piece use $1.50/2 c makes it .48 for piece

Ladies Home Journal: I received this for free from SheSpeaks. Join to receive free samples.
clipped coupons:
~$1 on Off insect spray
~$1 on carefree product
~$1 on FDS feminine wash
~.50 FDS feminine deodorant spray
~.25 Kozy Shack product
~$1 Swiss tea one gallon or 2 half gallon sizes
~Rebate for a free gallon of Swiss Tea
~.50 curad bandaids
~.75 Dole frozen fruit
~Free Movie Tickets - FREE* Movie Tickets and a chance to win a Home Theater System. Enter five (5) codes from specially marked multi-packs of Kozy Shack® pudding and earn a FREE* Movie Ticket! You’ll also be entered in the Quest for Real Ingredients Sweepstakes! *Up to $9.50 each.

Food City:
~$2.88 - 10lb bag of Idaho potatoes
~$12/5 - Pepsi, buy 4 get 5th free, $2.40 a piece
~$1.39 Food Club sugar 4 lb
~Food Club gallon bleach .99

Some extras from email:
Betty Crocker - more coupons to print off

Free Chocolate - go here on Friday's to request a free chocolate, can sign up early to email reminders, thanks Sharon!

Walgreens - $5 off of a $15 photo order

Kraft coupons - should be able to clip on the link at the side and get to the Kraft coupons, plus .50 on minute maid rice, and others.

Gotta run hope you guys enjoy. Welcome to all the newbies who are coming to the blog. You can look back at some of the old posts for more information.

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  1. May want to check the other printable sites as many of them also have the Kraft coupons available for additional prints.,,, etc... :)

    I completely missed the sugar deal! ARGH!!