Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I need to correct something from Sunday's post. On the CVS information I posted that you could get the Colgate toothpaste and the wisp for .50, well this won't work unfortunately. One reason is that the $1.50 c can't be used with toothpaste advertised only the coupon for .75 will work. Also you can't use the .50 wisp coupon because it is for a 4 ct. and the free package is a 2 ct. So it would be like this:
$2.50 - .75 = $1.75 for the toothpaste and the 2 ct. wisp

One other correction:
Walgreens, you have to buy 6 of the $1 powerades to get the free 20 digital prints.

Sorry for the mistakes. I caught these today as I went shopping.

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