Saturday, April 4, 2009

Short But Sweet

I know that you ladies visit every day and I appreciate it, therefore I need to apologize fore the lack of a post yesterday. I have so many little projects going on at the same time that I had to "squeeze" my shopping in yesterday afternoon. I thought I would share some things I found.

First thought I would direct you to Alicia's Blog - she has posted what will be on sale for Target next week, also some information on a rebate form for a free ham from Unilever, so you might want to check that information out.

Next one of the followers of the blog is looking for ladies that would like to sale Avon if you are interested just email her at

P&G coupons are tomorrow SO MAKE SURE TO GET YOUR SUNDAY PAPER!!!

While at Kroger yesterday I discovered they were having a 2 day sale! Here are just a few new things I noticed:
24 pk Kroger brand water $2.98
Lays chips $1.88 a bag! (if you did the Pepsi rebate you have a c. for $3 off of 2 so that makes these .38 a bag!)
Buy 4, 5 ct. grand biscuits get $1 off, so they are $1 a piece, use (2) .50 ic on 2 and then they are .50 a piece
Buy 4 Dr. Peppers get 2 free, use coupons for a free Dr. Pepper (I hope you order more by mail) to make the deal better (get 6 2-liters for $3.75!)
Energizer batteries, 8 pk of AA's marked down to $5.80 use $1 off here , to make even better
Crab Classic BOGO use $1 off coupons from I think, may be not sure, makes them around .75 a pack.
Nabisco Wheat Thins 2/$4 use BOGO c. get them for $1 a box
Orville R. popcorn BOGO, plus a machine in front of them for .55 c. Makes them $1.09 a box. Plus I just noticed I got $1 c from shortcuts on this so it made it .09 a box!!!

All these items above are extra items than I had mentioned before. They also had tons and tons of cleaners for $2.50 which I had $1 c. for but decided just to not purchase. REMEMBER THIS SALE WILL BE OVER AFTER TODAY! Or maybe not, some things do carry over.

If you are running to Target today and you did the Pepsi rebate and still have some of your coupons here is a good deal:
5 Pepsi 12 pks. for $15 - (5) $2 c = $5 and get $5 ECB back! (I have no intention of drinking all of these but I just got all the drinks for a party I am planning and between Kroger and Target I paid $3.75!)
Also got:
Pop Secret popcorn, was $2.29 a box, used (2) $1 target c. + $1 off of 2 c = .79 a box
Starkist Tuna Creations $1.33 - $1 c = .33

Food City, this should be good until Monday...I spotted it in the Friday paper:
.33 paper towels, looks like limit of one roll
$2.77 Milk, same as Kroger, cheaper than Wal-Mart

CVS c. from I heart CVS - expire tomorrow...keep in mind sometimes they don't work. Here is there list of what is on sale starting tomorrow - link ; check these two places out BEFORE you make your list so can see if they have listed printable coupons. One thing I spotted was on Sunday and Monday you will be able to get Easter grass and an Easter basket and receive all money back in ECBs. I will report back more tomorrow on scenarios.

Walgreens - slickdeals post for sale starting tomorrow
Colgate Total will be $3.49 - $1.50c from All You = $1.99 + $3.49 RR back so you make $1.50!
(this coupon is from an older All You, the c. they are offering now is just for $1)
Can do colgate on first order then do this:
2/$5 Reach toothbrush or floss, use $1.50/2 c. = $3.50 - $3.49 RR = .01 get $2.50 RR back! :)
Off course there is more there but these hit me right off the bat. Check out the link for all the goodies.

Food Lion - via Southern Savers
Okay a couple of different people have mentioned this sale to me so it must be REALLY good. Southern Savers has done a good job of breaking alot of the stuff down so I am just sending you to them. Just to let you know some of the sale items are only good YESTERDAY AND TODAY so if you see this post today then you need to read over what they say and go shopping! Some of the sale items will be good all week. One of the deals for today is Blue Bunny ice cream for $1.99 use that coupon I posted the other day and you can get it for .99! Of course there are others so check them out.

Gotta run. I have a sick one today and LOTS AND LOTS to do, so I am just working around and cramming it all in the best I can. Enjoy your weekend!

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