Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's try again

I really can't tell you what is currently up with my computer. Sometimes when I use a different window it just seizes up and slows me down to the point that I can get it to do nothing! So the easiest thing to do is just to get out of the browser (I think I am using the right word) and start over. That is were we are now...starting over. I hope we don't have a repeat experience!

I will state this right off the bat here...the items at the beginning of the post have come from slickdeals. I really appreciate them sharing with me so that I can pick out the best stuff and share with you. I want to try to give credit where I can for the hard work, it is appreciated!

Farm Rich - .75 on any Farm Rich product, $1.00 c on Farm Rich cheese stick or quesadillas; have to be registered or register to print.

Venom - $1 printable coupon in bottom right hand corner...I think this is come kind of energy drink, right?

Coupon Booklet - $30 in coupons for Cascade, Febreeze, Swiffer, and others. I have ordered this booklet many times. The last time I ordered it I just got the front and back page! So I am ordering again. I believe this booklet's coupons won't expire until 9/30/09.

Spongebob DS game - $5 coupon for use only at Toysrus

Vitamin Water - .50 coupon, pdf style. Says the "product" is available at Ralph's doesn't say you can only use the coupon there. Slickdealers are reporting that they used the coupon at Walmart. Thanks slickdealers!

Jello - .60 coupon...here to have it mailed - link

April 15th, McDonalds will have a tax relief special, buy one Big Mac get the 2nd one for .15 cents! Let me know if it works in your area.

Dr. Pepper - Currently on sale at Target for 3 for $10. Go to link and print out the $1 Target coupons (shows a picture of A&W, but when you read it is for Dr. Pepper as well) and you will get these 3 for $7! Some of the stores have the Dr. Pepper with coupons attached. You can use both coupons because one is manufacturer and one is Target, which could make these as low as 3 for $4!

Target also has a coupon for .75 off of 2 pringles cans...combine with your paper coupon of $1 off of 2 and you will get $1.75 off of 2 cans! (I got this out of my own head, amazing!)

Now lets check out Dealsplus:
Total cereal - free sample (you may have already done this...seems that I have)

Taco John's - join their email list to get a free Order of Cini-Sopapilla Bites (Morristown, TN has a Taco John's)

Glad Force Flex trash bags - free sample from Sam's club, you don't have to be a member to get the sample (it would seem I have done this one as well...)

I am sure there is more stuff floating around out there and I have not checked ALL my sources, BUT I would say that the munchkins are hungry for breakfast so I am going to run.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Just wanted to say "YAY! I can read your blog again!"


  2. The vitamin water coupon expired in June, just thought you would want to know that =) Lol I used that coupon like crazy!