Wednesday, March 18, 2009


As a wife and a mother I am primarily responsible for the cooking in the household. Not a big deal, right? Sometimes I even enjoy it...sometimes. But there is one thing that really irks me. That is when I spend at least an hour in prepping and preparing the meal just so my family can come to the dinner table and consume it in 15 minutes! It just doesn't seem fair that something that takes SOOOOOO long to fix could be consumed in such a short time. By the way, I am also irked by the fact that it takes me 15 to 30 minutes to clean up AFTER the meal. What is the deal, it is a conspiracy, it really is.

I know all of you are coming to my site to save money using coupons and buying items that are on sale. Well what about a way to make a little bit of extra money? What about doing surveys? I have been doing surveys at home for around 2 to 3 years. No, I have not gotten rich, but I do like the little bit extra that it brings in. Therefore, I thought I would share some that I have done really well with. If you are interested in signing up then just click the link and give it a try.

Today's company:
HCD Surveys - this is a really good one. First of all for you newbies to the survey world you sign up here, then you will get emails requesting that you take a survey. The email will explain an approximate length for the survey PLUS what you can expect in the form of compensation if you complete the survey. This company gives you points. When you get to 1000 points (generally get at least 50 to 100 for short surveys, more if they are longer) you can ask for a check to be mailed to you for $10.00. Every point translates into one cent. With this company I have done many surveys on political issues as well as American Idol surveys and surveys for commercials on the Super Bowl. Keep in mind that if you sign up and they send a survey to do but you don't have time to do it that is okay. They don't kick you off the list. Comment or email if you have any questions.

Hostess cakes - .75 printable coupon

Dreamfields Pasta - this coupon is for a $1.50 on 3 boxes

Kaboom Scrub Free - receive for just the cost of shipping, $4.99

Mederma Creme - helps with scars, $3 printable coupon

Balmex - $1 printable coupon

Stonyfield yogurt - coupon for B2G1 on the 6 oz cups, for all of you watching your high fructose corn syrup intake this product is great. If you aren't watching your intake of HFCS then you should...I have already lost 5 pounds!

Free diaper rash ointment - buy a pack of Jumbo luvs diapers at Save a Lot (use a coupon for the Luvs diapers from a recent newspaper) use the coupon from the first link to get a free diaper rash ointment

School books - excellent prices on some great books, get free shipping on $35 order, might need this code - HPFS3078, there are workbooks here and reading books LOTS, AND LOTS of stuff for homeschoolers

Veggie Tales - Free Larry Boy mouse pad with a $10 purchase with code LBMPD-CJ

Pepsi - Buy 2 get one free coupon, the free one has to be flavored wild cherry, vanilla, lime or lemon

Johnson bedtime bath and lotion - $3 printable coupon on these 2 items; mailable link

Clean and Clear Blackhead eraser - $5 coupon, claimed on for $5.44 at Wal-mart

Glad trash bags - $1 printable coupon; mailable link

Toaster Strudel - $1 printable coupon

Honey Nut Cheerios - $1 printable coupon

~Redbox free movie code for today - GTL456

Swimsuits for All - men's trunks for $1.98; use code FREESHIP for free shipping, or $10 off your order with code FREE10 (rumored that this code works with less than $10 in your cart).

Have a wonderful day! Let me know if there is any problems with any of the links.

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  1. I completely understand about the cooking/cleanup. I've been considering doing "freezer meals" - where I cook several meals in batches at a time, and the freeze them. 1 big mess on one day, and the rest of the week/month you just dirty up whatever you use to eat with/warm up the food. I've also begun to use my crockpot more - so that helps with the prep.

    On the J&J stuff, if you spend 25.00 at Walgreen's, you get a 10.00 off RR through 3/28. I think the baby wash runs about 4.29/4.49ish. Might be a good deal for someone who needs it. :)