Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday, and yesterday's Walgreens

Walgreens: (ES - easysaver monthly booklet)
3 packs of eclipse gum .99 with ES c
Colgate toothpaste .99 with ESc - $1.50 c = .51 overage
Gariner shampoo .99 with Esc - $1 c = they had to type in .99 so free
total was .48 + .60 in taxes so oop was $1.08!

I was going to get the butter but they didn't have the margarine. Also was looking for the air fresheners but they were completely out. I was happy with what I got and what I paid.

Betty Crocker - mini delight sample, if you haven't ordered it yet

Kotex - free sample

Coffeemate crew - join for free samples and promotions, have to apply and see if you qualify to be on the crew

Southern Savers - looking for some coupons to go with the Kroger sale, then check this site out. They have internet coupons listed with the sale items. Check out the French's mustard...if you buy 2 then you get a $1 catalina (prints at the register kind of like an ECB and is good on your next order), there is a link to www.frenchs.com to get .50 off of the mustard. One friend has already been to the Kroger sale and she reported that there is a lot more on the sale than is listed in the paper so make sure to take all your coupons with you when you go!

Food Lion - southern savers has provided a link of printable coupons for Food Lion, make sure to check the expiration dates before you print to keep from wasting your ink

Hellmann's - sign up to print a $1 coupon

Contessa Meal - $2 coupon

Aquafresh - different coupons available

And that is a wrap! Hopefully there will be more later.

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