Monday, March 16, 2009


Just to give everyone a heads up, the stomach virus is running rampant through my family. First my middle child contracted it and it took her a week to stopping complaining with stomach pain, now my youngest has the virus. This will of course affect my posting. If I don't get any sleep at night then I won't be up doing a post in the morning, which means you will have to look for it later in the day. I love that some of you guys are coming here on a regular basis. I do, however, feel this overwhelming sense of "Oh, they are depending on me!" I will try my best to not let you down. :)

Us being sick has raised an interesting question with homeschooling. Last week we just pushed through and did as much as my child felt like doing. With the youngest it really isn't an issue because she is doing preschool so if she needs to take a day off then it is fine. But here is a question for all you homeschooling parents of multiple children, what do you do when one child is sick but the other is fine? Does everyone skip a day of school OR do you let one child be a day behind? What do you think? Leave me a comment with your answers.

Neat Snack:
I just had to share this neat snack idea that my grandmother passed along. You guys may have been doing this already but I hadn't even thought about it - FROZEN GRAPES! My family and I have been eating TONS of fruit here lately but it seems like the grapes don't stay perserved long enough. Anyway, my grandmother mentioned that frozen grapes are really good and she was so right. You just clean them, stick them in a ziploc bag and place in the freezer. When you go to eat them you just let them melt in your mouth until unfrozen and then start to chew, they are delicious! This is also a way to keep them fresher longer. Try it and see.

Now lets see if we can find anything for the rest of the crowd!

Just to tell everyone, if you do the Dry Idea Roll deodorant at CVS make sure that it rings up at $2.99! That is the item that I was talking about yesterday that rang up incorrectly and then messed me up. So be watching for the price when you do this product.

Smartsource - check out the new coupons; there are quite a few movie coupons listed...I suggest printing all of them while they are available. There are also coupons for Hershey's Bliss candy and $1.50 off of three Hershey bags of candy...these are on sale at CVS for $1.88, buy $15 worth and get $5 ECB back. Enjoy!

Barnes and Noble - 10% off printable and online coupon code

Graveyard Mall Deal of the Day - 10 pairs of sunglasses for $9.99

Vix - sign up and get a free tote plus a 20% off coupon

Oprah survey for a free bra

Viva paper towels - printable coupons

All You - for those of us that subscribe to this magazine we have already received the April issue in the mail! Southern Savers has done a great list that shows all the coupons in the magazine (link given) One of the really good ones is a free mascara from Walmart. The issue will be in stores April 17th. I highly recommend you go to and subscribe to this great magazine. If you go to the website and subscribe you will get 2 free issues.

Bertolli Oven Baked - $2 printable coupon

Geometry Wars Wii game - $9.97, get free shipping with a $25 order at Amazon

HP Wireless optical mouse - at for $9.99, you will have to pay shipping unless you spend $50. 88139 is a code that is mentioned to get the $10 off of the $19.99 price, but the link shows it as already being this sale price, so not sure if you need the code or not.

Redbox code for free movie today - Monday code 2GR4N8

Goodnights - boxer shorts sample (thanks Jennifer and Freegrabber for mentioning this)

Free Roast burger - this is at Arbys with a purchase of a drink expires 3/23/09. I have used one of these coupons already and it works. You have 3 different choices of burgers to choose from.

Dollar General stores - okay I had a friend report this to me and plus I am seeing it on one of the forums that I follow... DG stores have their clothing on sale for 90% off, so run don't walk and check it out! Although you might get there faster if you drove, what do you think? :)

Seat covers - from Auto zone for .01! Shipping is $5.20 or so...I tried to link you to the items that start with .01, BUT on the off chance that it has moved then just click the sort by price button "low" and it will rearrange them in the order with the .01 ones first. Just another bit of information you might need to check the pricing and availability link to get it to show the prices and then enter your zip code.

KFC - enter you zip code to get coupons for this month at KFC

First of all lets thank the people that made this post possible, first would be me, then here are some of the additional resources I used: Vicky's deals, budget 101, spoofee, southern savers, we use coupons, slickdeals, and dealsplus. Many of these places had the same information. I thank all of them for sharing so that I can in turn share with you.

Remember to keep checking here this week. The posts are likely to be at different times this week due to illness and lack of sleep as I mentioned before. Hope to find more soon.


  1. The Clinton Walmart already has the April issue of All YOU out!!! I bought it Friday!

  2. Oh, by the way, hope you all feel better! Its going around pretty bad everywhere!