Monday, March 9, 2009


Long list of rebates - scroll down to see all available links

Kashi - $2 c off of a frozen entrees..some where is says that if you ordered the c. for the free product then you can't get this coupon...I think I will still give it a try.

Live Right with Shoprite - this is a digital magazine that has some good coupons! I wouldn't recommend trying if you have dial up because I don't know how long it might take to go through. Shoprite coupon for Promise butter and Organic waffles. Coupons that can be used any where: .75 on Stoneyfield yogurt, $1 off Poland Springs 6 pk of water and larger, and $1 off of 2 Kashi snacks. Here is the March issue that has the water coupon as well and a few others - link

Rachel's Yogurt - sign up for a BOGO coupon

Tastee Choice - $2 off printable coupon

Dial - bodywash coupon $1 printable

Colgate Total - $1 printable coupon

Pyrex - $3 rebate on the metal cookwear good until 11/30/09

Hot Topic - $10 off of $10 code - BDAY09HT

Osh Kosh - $10 off of $50 printable for the store expires 3/11/09

Mott's Juice - .55 printable coupon

Aveeno - $2 printable coupon

Egg beaters - $1 printable coupon

V8 - .50 printable coupon, 7 Eleven coupon

Minute maid and V8 juice - $1 printable coupon, 7 Eleven coupon

Buy a coke and get a free chex mix - coupon, 7 Eleven coupon

Nicoderm CQ - free sample, this is from CVS

Eat Better America - coupons

Dove - sample

Okay gotta run. Enjoy the coupons and samples.


  1. I can't wait to check out shoprite - thanks!

  2. Comments seem to work when I come in through my dashboard - aha!