Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lentil Stew

Did you know that in the Bible Esau traded his birthright to Jacob for lentil stew! Of course I have read this multiple times but I guess I just never really thought about it. In our history book, Mystery of History, the author suggested that we eat lentils so we could understand exactly what he traded his birthright for. If you want to try this here is a way to give it some flavor and get the kids to try it.

1 bag of lentils (around .94, not bad)
1 helping of rice (more if you think you will want it)
1 jar of salsa

Make the lentils by the directions on the bag. Top with cooked rice. Top that with salsa. It is better than you might think. It is also inexpensive and very healthy.

Politics: I don't know how many watched the President's press conference last night, I did but I also got paid to do so (remember HCD surveys that I mentioned a couple of posts back, they paid me to watch and answer a few questions). Anyway, there are tons of things that I could talk about but this morning I am just going to pick one, TAX BREAKS. He was asked by a reporter if he would sign the budget if it didn't include the tax breaks for the 95% of working people, and his answer was that we already have a tax break for 2 years. In other words this kind of says to me that, "yes" if it doesn't have the tax break he will still sign it. Just in case you haven't started receiving your tax break, it will start on April 1st, and you will see a whopping $13 extra on your pay check! My family has already started getting this great amount of extra and since we only get paid once a month we are seeing exactly $13. I would love to know if some of you biweekly employees are getting $13 in both checks or if it is being halfed, and what about the weekly paid employees is the $13 being put in fourths. Don't get me wrong $13 is $13, but I don't think this is what the people thought they would be getting when they voted him into office, but then again maybe I am mistaken. Here are the transcripts from the press conference, see for yourself.

Now to the finds:
100 Calorie Oreo packs - $1 off of 2 coupon.

Eat Better America - coupons for yoplait, green giant, meir glen, wheaties, and more

Pillsbury - sign up to receive coupons - coupon for $1 off of 2 boxes of oatmeal, also $1 off of 2 Quaker cereal products use with Target deal this week

Iheartcvs - here is there coupon links. One is for a free reusable tote bag or a free roll of paper towels, alot of these expire on 3/29/09
Here are some coupons and items that I found of interest on iheartcvs:
Campbell's soup coupon - $1 off of 2, they are BOGO at CVS this week
I would love to share more of this because this is a great resource BUT for some reason I can't see the whole post at the moment. You can always try the second link at your convenience.

Wilson Baseball Glove and Bat - IN PINK!!! This is $9.99 at with free shipping. Remember to use ebates for this purchase. (use the first link if you are new to ebates, use this link if you are already a member of ebates - link)
Since I have provided a link for the product you might want to go to there first, add the item to your cart, THEN go to ebates, all stores,, the item will still be in your cart- so go to shopping cart or bag or whatever they call it at this site, and check out. This way you will get money back on your purchase as well as get the great deal at on this item.

Cottenelle - free sample of cottenelle tissue paper as well as a moist wipe sample

Poptarts - .55 printable coupon; mailable link

Johnson's baby travel pack - $1 printable; mailable link

Target coupons - coupon for $1 off of pop secret popcorn, print 2 of these and combine with coupon from the paper for .50 off of 2 boxes so you get $2.50 off of 2 boxes

Guess I better run.

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  1. I heard on NPR (National Public Radio) that this extra $13.00 in your paycheck is supposed to stimulate the economy b/c its not enough to "save" and therefore you are more likely to spend it on a book, dinner, movie, etc. I don't know how it is with your family, but that extra money goes straight into the account to pay the gas bill, electric bill, phone bill, cable bill, all of which have risen their rates recently. Stimulus, indeed. I'm so stimulated that I feel like REALLY splurging and buying a soda out of a drink machine!