Friday, March 20, 2009

Felicia's Friday Finds

Survey Company:
I mentioned HCD Surveys, now I want to mention ACOP (there is a link on the left side of the blog). This is a great survey company. You do a short screener if you qualify you immediately do the survey, once the survey is complete be looking for your check in the mail! There is different rates for different surveys. They also do product sampling where you will receive a product try it out and then do a survey about what you think. Go ahead and add them to your list of making money ideas.

Fruit Chillers - sign up and get coupons and current offer is $1 printable coupon on fruit chillers by Del Monte, hopefully this link will allow you to sign up and print the coupon at the same time.

Quaker Chewy bars - $1 coupons; this is the site with the movie coupons (this is really; plus lots of other coupons

Twister Hopscotch game - $5 coupon on this game; also other coupons, like $5 off of Sliders Sorry game, $5 Elefun game, $5 on Gator Golf, (this is, 25% off at Peebles, plus others

Aeropostale - 30% off coupons with code SPRING09, expires 3/22/09

$10 Gift Card for Women - next week Home Depot is having a free class for women on how to tile a floor, after attending the class you will receive a $10 gift card

Victoria Secret - 40% off any one clearance item with code SAVE40

Splenda - 30% off plus free shipping with code GOLD on any purchase on the special offers pages, expires 3/22/09

Dog Treats - whole grain natural dog treats free sample

Serenity - free sample

Kellogg's All Bran drink mix - free sample...put all those words together kind of has me a little worried...bran drink ummmmm

Gotta run. Comment with any link issues. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Thank you for the home depot class info! I'm glad I found your new blog too - I didn't realize you'd changed it. :) It looks great!