Saturday, February 14, 2009


Okay just few of my finds.

x2 Glade scented candle $3.99 - BOGO c - $3 c = .99 for 2!
Poptarts $1.67 - .55 ic (internet coupon posted on blog earlier) = $1.12
x2 Ortega taco seasoning $1.26 - $1/2c = .26
Market pantry water 24 pk. $3.50

x6 cottenelle tissue paper $5.94 - 6 $1 ic (or .50 that doubled) = free
Gillette men's shampoo $3.99 - $2 c - $2 esaver c = free
J&J bandaids $2.29 - $2 c on box = .29
J&J bandaids $1.79 - $2 c on another box = free plus overage
Nexcare bandaids $2.09 - .50 ic - .50 dc = $1.09 (okay I thought these were on closeout for $1.91, I should have paid closer attention when they rang up and I could have had them fixed)
eggs $1.28
Milk $2.99
olay ribbons bodywash $3 - $1 c - $1 esaver c = $1

Also due to Sherry W. I found a new store, called Shop 4 Less. It is located off of I-75 N, exit 122 to Clinton, go towards Andersonville and Norris. Anyway, they have some great deals each week and they accept coupons. Also for every $5 you spend you fill up a cards, when that card has 8 stickers on it you can use it for their supers deals which they have different items each week. The sales start and run from Tuesday to Tuesday so you are not to late to get in on these specials. Some of the special deals for this week include but are not limited to:
Kelloggs Indiana Jones cereal $1
Stokley vegetables .33 a can
10 lb bag of Idaho potatoes for $2.50

Firefly - here are some extra coupons

If you are new to the site and are confused about good places to find coupons try looking back at some of the very first posts to the blog where I have made lists. Okay that is all for today. Enjoy!

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