Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Right at Home - $31.50 worth of coupons printable, mailable

Glade - BOGO coupon for in Glade product...don't print this until about the first week of March (these coupons print with a 30 day expiration date)...sale at CVS the last week of March and first of April where this is $5.99 and get $5.99 ECB back

Free Diet Dr. Pepper - coupon

Reynolds parchment paper, $1.75 printable coupon

Aquafresh - coupons

Peebles is having a BIG sale. Use the 30% off coupon at www.coupons.com, to make the deal even better. I got a $50 dress for my daughter for $14.33.

Make sure to check out Food City to get extra coupons. The local one did have coupons for the Kraft cheese. They have some items on closeout that you need to check out, one is Sunsilk shampoo for $1.75 - $1 c = .75! Birdseye steamed vegetables $1 - .35 c = .65

That is all for today. I am so far behind today, hope you have a wonderful day!

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