Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2008

Well this is a momentous day. Whether you voted for Barak O'Bama or not, history is definitely being made. I hope that he can live up to his promises. And regardless of his beliefs and values, which greatly differ from my own, I will be praying for him as he becomes our President.

I hope you have all joined the Wendy's email list...I just received $1 coupon for a burger. Sorry it has a personal link for me so there is no way that I can post it, but I can email it to about 7 friends. If you are interested email me OR leave your email in the comments section and I will send it to you.

CVS deals I missed: (ic = internet coupon)
St. Ives product $2.99 - $2 ic = .99 (ic was listed on a blog post recently)
3 Hallmark cards for .99 a piece get $3 ECB with a purchase of 3 cards...so you get all your money back

Save your $10 ECB from Pepsi this week and do again next week. CVS on slickdeals for next week says that the Pepsi will be 3/$10 BUT the chips will be 2/$4 AND if you spend $20 you still get $10 ECB back.

Here was my shopping trip, keep in mind I had every intention of doing the throat coolers with the BOGO (buy one get one) coupon but they didn't have any so I had to readjust my thinking while in the store. First I will do my actually trip then I will show you what I had hoped to do, just in case you go to a different CVS and they have the coolers.

Order #1:
St. Ives bodywash $2.99 - $2 ic = .99
Excedrin for migraine $1.99 - $2 ic = -.01
Herbal Essence shampoo $2.99 - $1c = $1.99
3 American greeting cards .99 a piece = $2.97
Used $1 ECB, $1.50 ECB, $1 ECB
Total oop was around $2.44
got back $1 ECB and $3 ECB

Order #2:
5 - 12pk of pepsi $15
4 - Gatorade 4/$5
$20 - $1 ECB - $3 ECB =
$17.24 oop, plus $10 ECB back

If I could have used the throat cooler in the first order I wold have paid around $8 oop and received $9.98 ECB that I would have used my second order making itaround $7.50, both orders would have then been around $15.50 instead of the $19.68 that I had to pay. Keep this in mind when you go to the store.

www.coupons.com - has a BUNCH of $2 movie coupons

Chadwicks - 75% off in their clearance section.

Parent's Choice - free sample of baby formula

Gold Bond lotion - free sample and link for special savings

Free doughnut -Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut on Inauguration Day, via slickdealer
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts announced this morning that it will offer a free doughnut of choice to every customer on Inauguration Day, which is Tuesday, today people! Link to local article Link to press release And of course....Krispy Kreme Store Locator

Palermos pizza - $1 off of 2 coupon, pdf file can print as many as you might need

Sunny D - .55 printable coupon

Macys - if you are petite then macy's has some sweaters for you starting at $3.99, check out this link and it gives the description, price, and link directly to the item.

American Girl - some items that are on sale for 50% off, plus a code for $10 off of $30, 161357, this works...I used it, :)

Chicos - list of some clothing at chicos that starts at $4.99

Popcorn - another free sample

playtex - sample plus a $1 coupon

Kraft First Taste - if you don't belong to this team then just sign up to receive the offers, this time it is a $2 coupon for Oreo cakesters or $1.50 off of Jello Rice pudding. You get the offer and then you kind of have to go back and let them know what you think about it.

Kellogg's - $3 off of 3 coupon, has a Target symbol on it but am not sure if that is the only place you can use it. Here is the mailable link, here

Codes shared by a slickdeal member:
New coupons I received (Wet Seal, Armani, Coldwater Creek, Barnes & Noble, Limited Too)
Wet Seal - Free Shipping until 1/31/09 - WSWL0209
Armani Xchange - Free shipping until 1/31/09 - INSIDER09
Coldwater Creek - Free Shipping until 1/29/09 - WKH1242
Barnes and Noble - 10% off until 1/25/09 - Y7Y9H9T
Limited Too which is now Shop Justice - 30% off until 1/26/09 - 770 and 50% off until 2/28/09 - 649

Coffeemate creamer - sign in or register and get a coupon for $1.50 off!!! That will make the small bottle less than .50!!!, I am totally excited. Here is the link to get one in the mail - link

7UP - $1 off any 7up 12 pk, if you already have a Dr. Pepper account just sign in using it. This will take forever to load if you have dial-up, I am very sorry.

Everyone take care and have a wonderful and safe day. My daughter is selling girl scout cookies if anyone is interested. Also don't forget my church youth group is selling discount cards. Thanks again to all of you that read the blog.


  1. Wish we lived closer - I'd soooo go for some girl scout cookies!! LOL!! Then again, maybe it's good that we don't - I could eat my weight in the shortbread alone!!

    I forgot that the St. Ives was printing again! I may have to go get some!

    I am also praying for President Obama - he (and his family) are going to need it! There's a great article out that I read - here's the [A HREF="http://www.reformation21.org/blog/2008/11/some-initial-thoughts-on-prayi.php"]link.[/a]

    Hope that works. Not too confident on my html skills.

  2. *sigh* sorry... guess you'll have to copy and paste!