Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009

Alicia left a comment yesterday about Kmart and their doubles again, so check it out.

Rachel Ray dog food sample - link
Febreeze sport eliminator sample - link

24" Extension gate - this is a baby gate, $9.99 savings of $25, by Baby Universe

Fuzzy boots - AE boots for $19.95 use code 49164172 for 20% off and makes the boots $15.96 still have to pay shipping.

Wii fit - in stock at Gamestop for $129.97, $9.99 shipping

Wii - in stock at Gamestop for $249.99

Baskin Robbins - $1 coupon

Velveeta - $1 printable coupon

Bath and Body - printable coupon or online code to receive a free 2 oz lotion with any purchase

Gordon's - 20% off printable coupon for Gordon's jewelry store, expires 1/31/09

Borders - 20% off printable coupon for this book store, expires 1/21/09

Breastfeeding kit - free kit from enfamil...I believe you have print something and take it to the babies doctor.

Enfamil - certificate for a free sample

Coolsavings - check it out has some new coupons listed

White cloud $1 printable coupon, can pick this up at Walmart for around $1.63 after the coupon for a 4 pk of double rolled

Pampers - $1.50 printable coupon, thank you Walmart!

Maybe more later. I got a late start today and now my kids are clamoring for food so I guess I should go watch them while THEY cook an omelet...yes my kids can cook, isn't it grand!


  1. oooh... Bath & Body coupons are great! They should have some clearanced items too!

    I've been wondering where to get the White Cloud at - thanks for the info!

    I've been seriously thinking about shopping more online - you get to do it in your jammies, avoid lines, don't have to deal with cranky shoppers/cashiers, and you don't get into car accidents as easily! LOL. Sometimes the cost of shipping is worth all that...

  2. Very true! I like to shop online as well. We live so far from the good stores that if I can find a free shipping code will use it. The only thing I don't like to buy is clothes for myself. The look so good on the computer but when they come they rarely look that good on me and sometimes it can be complicated to return them...thanks for the comment.