Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan. 9th, 2009

Sorry there was no post yesterday. I really enjoy finding and sharing these deals but there are just some days when I over sleep and all my other obligations just have to come first. Also I seem to be having a really difficult time getting back into the groove of doing this and starting school on time and this is just not as important to me as schooling my children. But anyway that is the monologue for the day, lets get down to business.

First of all some of my good shopping deals for the week, remember you can still do these because the new sales don't start until Sunday:

pm - price match, can only do at Walmart, take in the sale ad from another store and they will match the price
c - newspaper coupon
ic - internet coupon
oop -out of pocket
dc - doubling of the coupon by the store

Wal-Mart: (yes I actually got a few good things here this week)
Health Choice Steamers (pm from target ad) $2 - $1 ic = $1
Goodlife cat food $4 - $3 c = $1
Electrosol tabs $3.25 (pm from target ad) - $2.50 c = .75

3 boxes of Kellogg's cereal:
Special K $2.67 - $1 c = $1.67
Pops $2.67- $1 c = $1.67
Special K (fruit and yogurt) $2.67 - $1 ic = $1.67
total $5.01 - $4 Kroger sale = $1.01 oop or .34 a box
also bought:
softsoap $1 - .35 c - .35 dc = .30
pkt of taco and fajita seasoning by Old El Paso .65 a piece, - $1.10/2 ic = .20
I also did $25 worth of P&G products and got the $5 off.

I had $40 worth of coupons I used plus $20 worth of Kroger savings. I hope this weeks post has helped with some of your shopping.

Nicoderm CQ coupon and link

Computer games - 8 computer games for children for $9.99, there are 2 spy kids games and then some games with kermit the frog

Aeropostale - 70% off sale

computer monitors - list of monitors that Dell has on sale, 19" starting at $119

Circuit City - Link to the 3 day sale. They have some Wii accessories for 50% off, sorry no controllers or nunchuks, BUT they do have steering wheels, guns, and covers, for the Wii that is.

Walking Coat - Coat from Cabela's for $9.88! Originally price at $59.95, 4 colors to choose from, shipping is around $5.95.

GNC - printable coupon for $5 off of $35 expires Feb. 28, 2009

Reebok Outlet - 20% off printable coupon, includes sale items

Dress Barn - 10% off printable coupon, expires Jan. 31, 2009

Rack Room Shoes - $10 off of $60 printable coupon, expires Jan. 28, 2009

H&R Block - $20 coupon off tax preparation, says for new clients but I think I will take it anyway all they can do is say no but then again they could say yes. To bad there is not a coupon for long standing customers.

Little Ceasars - coupon for crazy bread and sauce for $1.99, not sure if this is different from the everyday price or not.

Hardees - coupon for a free cinnamon raisin biscuit with the purchase of any breakfast combo; $1 coupon for a ham and 3 cheese burrito combo - link

Arby's - Free medium Dr. Pepper with any purchase, expires Jan. 30

Barnes and Noble - have to be a member to use these printable coupons, one for $5 off of $40 worth of a books, $5 off $15 worth of a dvds, $5 off of $10 worth of a CDs, BOGO coffee, BOGO classic book, and a BOGO quamut chart

AC Moore - 50% off printable coupon, expires on Jan. 10th

Banana Republic - 70% off sale

Soy Joy bars - free sample

I have to thank Deals Plus members and Mommy Saves Big for most of these finds today, we really appreciate the hard work and sharing that these people do. Often I share what I get in my inbox but most often I am just organizing others hard work into items that I think you guys might be interested in. Without these other people trying to help us save what I am doing just wouldn't be possible.

I hope to come back to this later but for now I must move on and get some other things done.

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