Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday: Sharing Thoughts and Deals

Check out Alicia's new blog post. Coupons for free Ocean spray juice at Target. She tells some coupons that she found on the Food City Shelves.

Venting Section: You know the phrase "Knowledge is Power", well let me give you some knowledge to empower you. First of all did you know that because O'Bama stumbled on the oath at the Inauguration that he had to do it over! Him and the Chief Justice met at the White House and preformed the oath again (article) This time he didn't use a Bible.... Did you know that the new Secretary of the Treasury in O'Bama's administration didn't pay taxes! (article, information on the man) This means the guy over the IRS didn't pay his taxes.... Did you know that in O'Bama's first 2 days of office he signed a executive order that will shut down Gitmo in one year? Gitmo is the prison that was built after 911 to house the terrorists. It is on the island off of the coast Cuba where we have a military base. They were put there BECAUSE if they come into the United States then they have the same legal rights in the courts as a US citizen, I am sure there are other reasons, but the point is now that we are closing the prison for the terrorists that killed the innocent Americans...where are we going to put the terrorists! (article - look at paragraph 5) O'Bama's administration said they would not hire any lobbyist...they have already broken that (article, best I could find in a pinch). I don't really care if they do that. I am sure that other administrations have hired lobbyists, the point is they said they wouldn't. Their excuse, well there has to be a "responsible exception to every rule". You decided what you think. Don't listen to just me, do some research. Find out what is going on. Let me tell you one more thing, recently gas prices dropped, one reason was because Bush dropped the ban on off- shore drilling. You do realize they probably never got around to actually drilling, it was just the idea that dropped the price. Now our NEW president says he is going to but the ban back in what does that mean, GAS IS GOING UP! You watch and see.

Now that I have given you all this great knowledge and your homework assignment we will do some deal hunting:

Crest white strips - sample
Gold Canyon - sweeps and a free tea candle

Scrubbing bubble - coupons, just in case you missed them last time.

Piperlime - 70% off sale plus use this extra 20% off code - EXTRA

Books a million - 80% off some of the books and free shipping on any order - 756FREE0109

Walmart- Penny the pony $15

Victoria Secret - 20% printable coupon for the store

Delia's - 80% off sale plus code for $10 off of $25 - DXAGIFT

Bass Pro Shop - Clearance items starting at $1

Brother label maker - $9.99 from Costco, extra .50 without the membership

Ocean spray juice -$1 printable coupon

Purell - $2 off of 2 coupon

Post it notes - $1 off of 2, expires 1/31/09

Go to McDonalds today and ask for your free sample...they are suppose to be giving them away every Friday, someone said it is coffee or a cappuccino and before 10 am.

Parents Magazine - 24 free issues...this is great for homeschool projects, I don't care to cut up stuff that I get for free!

Kroger shopping:
Background: First of all I went to a Kroger that I don't go to all the time so I am not as good at finding the deals. Second, I thought I had 30 items and could get $15 off but somehow I missed counted so I just got $10. I couldn't complain because when he did the .75 cheese coupons which were right in front of the cheese, the computer asked him to enter the amount of the item and when he did the four coupons took off $2.50, $2.50, $1.00, and $1.50, instead of the .75 a piece! Still in my estimation I didn't do as well as I should have. Another reason for this is that I was buying what I needed and not just the sale items. For this exercise I am going to assume that you are just going to go get the good stuff, so I am going to share the best items that I found and try to show the oop of them.

*x5 Steamfresh veg. $7.50 - $5c (.50 doubled) = $2.50
x3 Cottelle Tissue $2.97 - $2.97 c(.50 doubled) = free
*x4 Kraft Cheese $7.96 - $3 c (.75 c) = $4.96
x2 Del Monte 50% salt vegs. $1.98 - $1.50 ic (.75 c) = .48
Coffeemate $1.99 - $1.50 ic = .49
*Rotel tomatoes $1.00 - .30 c - .30dc = .40
x2 dial soap $2.00 - $1.40 c (.35 doubled x2) = .60
Suave body wash $1.66 - .50 c - .50dc = .66
*Popcorn naturals $1.99 - $1 ic = .99
Quaker rice cake snacks $1 - $1 c = free
oop = $11.08 - $5 (for getting 10 items on the sale marked by *) = $6.08!

That would have been great if that was all that I had needed...:) Unfortunately I needed a little more than that. I saved $93.09 but like I said if I hadn't have been so tired I think I might have done better because I would have went to more stores to get all deals at my disposal. Oh, well live and learn, and don't go shopping in the afternoon after a doctors appointment, or when you are really tired!

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