Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday, Dec. 9th

Good morning, how is yall doing this morning? Truth be told I over slept so this will probably be kind of short. Remember to check the post before this one because yesterday I did a post on some of the sale items for the week.

Freegrabber -
Free Yo-Yo Ma Song download - link
Classic malt.com gift labels - link

Gag Gift - Soap with "Butt" and "Face" wrote on it for $2.98, with free shipping.

Free gift with an M&M purchase - Mymms link, there will be a $5 shipping charge, code needed is ME2008. (free gift link is details about the free gifts offered)

1800PetMeds - $20 off of $20 with a prescription order, code - 420RX.

19" flat screen monitor - $119 at buy.com after rebates. (you pay $149 and mail in a $30 rebate) Free shipping on this item, go through ebates to purchase and get money back.

Restaurant.com -Use code ONLINE to get 70% off of a gift card...sources are saying $10 gift card for $3, $25 card for $10, and some $50 cards for $20, good luck.

Apparel codes - Looking to order clothing, here is a LARGE list of clothing stores with codes and links to purchase the items. Remember to put in your cart and then go to ebates to do the final purchase so you can get money back.

Free Movie- This is the form for the free movie, buy 3 bags of Voila packages and get a free Charlie Brown DVD, just have to mail upcs by 12/31/08 and the form. A Holiday collection of the Charlie Brown movies are also on sale for $12.99 at Target...were $32.99

$4 movies - list of links from Amazon...free shipping after $25 worth of products.

Free items - Free colgate items for teachers, kids, and parents. Most freebies seem to be for teachers.

Free can of dog food - coupon for a free can of purina dog food as well as other coupons on purina products.

Angelsoft - printable coupon... .50 off of a 6 roll pack

Officemax - printable coupons, 10% off some different cameras, a coupon for a free item if you purchase other products (ex.- purchase a GPS system get the charger for free)

Talbots - Buy 1 item save 15%, buy 2 save 20%, buy 3 save 30%

Have a great day.

Added: Loreal Paris - Will have to register if you haven't done so yet, get $1 off of Loreal Vive, $1 off of mascara, and $3 off of any 2 makeup products.

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