Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have a cold that is keeping me down today so I won't be doing a full all out post just giving you a few things that I happened to find:

Candy coupons
Bottom right hand corner, coupon for $1 off of Wonka Mix Up bags of candy and $1 off of 2 Nestle jingles bags.

Freegrabber new items:
Orville Redenbacher sample

Blue Bunny
$1 printable for Blue Bunny Ice Cream sandwiches.

Green Giant or Coupons
$1 printable off of Green Giant steamfresh vegetables in a bag. On the Green Giant website go to the top and hit coupons. You will have to register or sign in to print these coupons.

$1 off any Tyson Heat and Eat.

Special K
$1 off of special K protein water multipack.

$3 coupon, print or have mailed to your home.

$1 printable off of Stouffers Easy Express.

$1 printable
$1 off 2 Reddi Whip, Peter Pan, Pam, Poppycock, Orville Red., or Wesson products Brick's printable Ex. 1-31-09

$2 printable off of any playtex item at Babysrus.

Target Toy Coupons or pdf link here in the second post
The here link also has a list of all the coupons if you want to check that out before you take the time to download them. Target does this every year. The coupons are good up until the day before Thanksgiving. This way you can't use them on the Black Friday sales.

Fruit Roll up
Sample and $10 of the first purchase of a custom made roll-up.

Personalized book
Print a personalized Disney book for your child.

Okay this is it. I said I wasn't going to do ANYTHING on this computer today but when I touched it I just had this sudden urge to look up coupons and then when I found them I thought it won't be right not to share so here I am blogging anyway. Hope some of you can use these finds. Now to get me a cough drop...where did I put those things?

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