Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, Nov. 18th

Today there are some more Black Friday ads listed. For all you that have never shopped on this day before and are saying how am I suppose to get to all these different stores I have a tip for you. If and only if the item is listed with a picture in the sale paper THEN you can take the circular to Wal-Mart (they generally have the most deals at one place so most people head here first, plus they are always open so you can go in and wait and don't have to wait out in the cold) pick up the item before the sale starts and when you go to pay they will price check it. Yes, even on Black Friday they will price check the item. But it has to be the SAME EXACT ITEM. Same brand name, size, and specs. Make sure it is the same before you try it or you will just be disappointed. Here is an example, say you want the Easy Bake oven but you can't get to Kmart just to Walmart then take your Kmart sale paper (all the sales papers for this day come out in the paper on Thanksgiving so get out early and get one because they won't last long, you don't want to be hunting down papers all over town when you would rather be scarfing down turkey!) get the Easy Bake Oven before that bell rings at 5:00 am and when you get ready to check out just show them the Kmart paper and you will get it for the $14.99 advertised price.

My CVS plans: Thanks to K.W. for her help this week. I couldn't have come up with this stuff without her.
Battery deal scenarios:
Durcell Batteries: 1 pk of 16 AAA+ 2 pack 8 AA ($5.99 x2)=$9.99 +$11.98
- .75 c - .75 c = $20.47 - $6.49 ECB (from last week) = $13.98 get $15 ECB back
Just to let you guys know you can do the battery deal 3 times and still get $15 back. This is the cheapest way to get the $20 batteries that I can discover from the paper.

Glade deal scenarios:
4 Glade glass scents = $10 - (2) BOGO c = $5 and get $5 ECB back
4 Glade jar candles = $10 - (2) $1.50 c = $7 and get $5 ECB back
2 glass scents and 2 jar candles = $10 - BOGO (glass scents) - $1.50 (jar candles) = $6 and get $5 ECB back
Glade plugin refill, Glade refill with warmer, and 2 glass scents = $3.99 + $2.99 + $2.50 + $2.50=
- $2.99 (c. buy one refill get a warmer free)
- $2.50 (bogo on glass scents)
= $6.49 and get $5 ECB back
Glade plugin refill, glade refill with warmer and 2 jar candles= $3.99 +$2.99 +$2.50 +$2.50 =
- $2.99 (c. buy one refill get a warmer free)
- $1.50 (on 2 jar candles)
= $7.49 get $5 ECB back
Okay I worked all these up BECAUSE it has come to my attention that the local store is all out of the glass scents. I hope this helps with your planning. Here are a couple of other good buys for this week. Remember to have an order, such as, the batteries are your first purchase so you have $20 oop, but now you have $15 ECB to spend. Use this to buy the Glade products, lets assume you got them for the $5 and lets go from there and add more to get to the $15:
Soft and Dry Deodorant $2.99 - .50 c = $2.49 get $2 ECB (total order $5+$2.49 = $7.49)
2 Colgate toothpaste(on bogo sale)-not sure about the Total types price but assuming
$1.99 - $1.50 c - $1.50 c = -$1.01, money maker ($7.49 - $1.01= $6.48)
4 boxes Kleenex BOGO $1.49 + $1.49 - .50c = $2.48 ($6.48 + $2.48 = $8.96)
Still not to the $15 yet....
2 boxes Russell Stovers candy BOGO $8.99 - $2c - $2 c = $4.99 ($8.96 +$4.99 = $13.95)
Vaseline lotion $5.99 - $1.50 c = $4.49
Finally.... $13.95 + $4.49 = $18.44 oop...get $5 ECB on glade, $2 ECB on lotion, and $2 ECB back on deodorant .

Don't want the Russell Stovers candy and all this sound way to complicated then just buy 6 packs of coke for $20 get a $10 coupon for the Walle Movie and it works like this:
$20 + $9.99 - $15 ECB = $14.99 for movie and 6 packs of coke products.
ADDED: This is from the comments section, Jennifer says that you can't buy just 6 packs of coke and get the coupon for Walle to print because it is .02 cents short. You can call and have the coupon mailed to you or just throw a 2 liter coke in with the 6- 12 packs to make it over the $20 needed.

Betty Crocker - Betty Crocker coupons, including one for cookie mix for .75 cents off.

Victoria Secret - 30% off one item code - GET30. With an Angel's card you can get $10 off with code SP813345. Buy a sweater with these codes and get a free scent packet using code SCENT08. Can use all three codes at one time.

Freegrabber list:
Free Ready Grains cereal sample - link
Free Childs health notebook - link
Free Ensure sample bottle - link
Free Betty Crocker Calendar - link
Free Pillsbury Calendar - link

Avon - Gift bundle, 12 pieces for stocking stuffers for $10, use this code for free shipping - NOVFS10.

Snapfish - New people get 50 prints free, code - SHIPALLFREE.

Staples - Here is their black Friday ad. Also advertising free shipping online for right now.

Pizza Hut - 30% off an online order, this runs out tomorrow.

Kohls - Black Friday ad, have a portable DVD player for $49.99, Bissell featherweight vacuum for $16.99, 7" photo frame for $39.99, Leapster for $39.99, just to mention a few.

Kmart - I think I already did Kmart but just in case here are their Black Friday ads, they have a Nintendo DS with Mario game for $129 plus you get $25 off another game purchase, Hannah Montana or Barbie Guitar for $19.99, Easy Bake oven $14.99, just to mention a few.

Express - $10 off of $20, code - 6496 or printable from this website as well.

Disney 25% off code - HOLIDAY25. This is stackable with clearance and sale items. Or can use COMCAST15 for $15 off of $99.

Hope this gets you started on this cold day.

Just another bit of information, Kroger has:
Libby's pumpkin for $1 a can so anyone that has the .50 cent coupon can get for free (from newspaper or from Nestle link, this if for $1 off of 2 so it would be .50 a can, I had some trouble getting mine to print)
Duncan Hines carrot cake mix is $1 you have $1 c so free
Edy's ice cream is $2.50 should have $1 c so $1.50
Pillsbury frozen biscuits still $1.99 - .50c - .50 dc = .99 (this was an internet coupon, .40 was in the paper still a good deal for $1.19 a bag.)
Reddiwhip $2 - $.50 c - .50 dc= $1
Steamfresh vegs $1 - .35 c - .35dc = .30
Green Giant boxed veg (have to get 2 to use coupons) $2 - .50 c - .50dc = $1 for 2 boxes
Lay's Potato chips $2
Wii game bundle, includes game, and controller $29.99

Don't forget to check out the additions at the end of yesterday's post. I hope this helps.


  1. Hey just to let you know the coke is all ringing up at 3.33....so if you buy 6, you are .02 short for the wall*e price off. So what I was told to do by customer service is to buy the movie at 19.99 then call them with the reciept and they will issue a $10 ecb to me =) When I called monday morning they were having tons of calls on this!

  2. Where was the Libby pumpkin coupon? I must've missed it somewhere.

  3. Okay I updated the coke info, thanks Jennifer. I also added the link for the Pumpkin...this actually came from you Alicia..:) I hope it will print for you I had some trouble getting it to print.