Friday, October 31, 2008

Fabulous Friday, Oct. 31st

First of all I hope every has a Happy Halloween. Remember to keep those kids close. Crime seems to run rampant on this day.

Next I need to tell you guys that I went to Kmart but it was a total bust. I decided before I went that if I didn't need it and it was going to be above $1 I wasn't going to buy it, I have so much put back right now I am TOTALLY running out of room. Well anyway, I hit the Oak Ridge Kmart and the stores were practically bare! Everything that I had planned on getting that was on sale and I had an awesome coupon for was already sold out. I was very disappointed. I did get to participate in the Kroger savings that was yesterday from 4 to 12 midnight, so that made me feel a little better, but not much. I hope that you guys have better luck at your stores. I also hope that you made a trip earlier in the week because now may be too late, but if you are in the area I would still give it a try.

Money saving Tip #3:
Okay those holidays are coming up. We all know what happens on Thanksgiving and Christmas, we eat like pigs and feel like stuffed hogs! We always walk away from the table feeling guilty and saying, "Boy I need to join a gym!" Then society tells us that we have to have a New Year's resolution and what is the first we thing we think of it is none other than JOINING A GYM. How many of you have obtained a gym membership, paid hundreds of dollars and then never even went to the facility? Here is a better way. Most gyms have a trial membership, right? If they don't advertise it then ask about it. Tell them you would like to try it out for a month first. That way if you don't like that gym you can move on to another one and try their membership...if you live in a big town with 12 gyms well you just might get a whole year for free! But I digress, I know that it is cheaper to buy the year membership at most gyms than it is to pay that monthly fee, BUT I am here to tell you that you need to at least do a one month free trial to see if you will stick with it. Trust me buying the membership will not make you get you shape. If you buy the membership but have no time to go to the gym all you did was waste your money. So first put a little effort into making the time to go AND then pay for the membership. I still like the free gym for a year thing, don't you?

Friday's Finds:
Black Friday
This one is from a friend that wanted to share with you guys. It is never to early to get ready for Black Friday, you know the biggest day of shopping of the year, the day AFTER we stuff ourselves like pigs - THANKSGIVING. Use this website to find out what is going to be on sale before the circulars come out.

Courtesy of Freegrabber:
Greeting cards
Free Christian greeting cards.

Free Hugo XY-XX fragrance sample.

Free book
Free Christain book about the explosion of World Missions.

Wristband and Postcard
Free, concerns recycling.

Courtesy of others:
Free dog bone
Free bone to make their breath BREATH-A-LICIOUS.

Free Ice Cream
On Election Day, Nov. 4th from 5 -8 pm. Ben and Jerry's will be giving out free ice cream. Use the link to get the details and find the store nearest you.

Additional 25% off. Plus free shipping on $100, code - OOPS1015. The buy one hoodie get the pants free is still going as well.

50% off sale at Levi's plus 30% coupon code - HOLIDAY30. Shipping is $5.

Jessica London
$10 off of $10 code - JLRAFAPR.

WalMart game deals
Nintendo DS 2/$20 - link
Nintendo DS 2/$30 - link
Nintendo Wii 2/$30 - link

Walgreens Black Friday ad
Here is the link to the Black Friday ads for Walgreens, listed in the first slickdeals post.

Free Flirtitudes Panty from Seventeen Mag & JCPenny 11/18 Thru 1/06/09 - Here are the details:
"THE JCPENNEY FLIRTITUDES GIVEAWAY (Dec/Jan Issue): Starting November 18, 2008, bring the December 2008/January 2009 cover of Seventeen or a printout of the home page to any JCPenney store to receive one (1) Flirtitude panty (approximate retail value: $7.50). Twenty-five thousand (25,000) will be given away. One per person. Giveaway ends January 6, 2009. While supplies last."

Free Reformation Bible
Free Reformation study bible with a donation of any amount. This is an awesome Bible. We have one. Retail value is $69.99.

Free bag for recycling
Here are the directions to receive a free reusable bag from Target when you send them 5 plastic bags. These directions include the cover of People magazine. If you don't have a People magazine cover then click the question "What do I do if I don't have a People magazine cover?"

$1 off printable for Pepsi One, at If the link doesn't work just go to

$1 off of 2 crackers, printable.

Honey Bunches of Oats
$2 printable coupon.

Okay ladies that is it for me this morning. I have children to go educate.

As always if there is a problem with a link let me know and I will attempt to fix it. Have a wonderful and safe Halloween.

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